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    There are times, I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up. I am in so much pain all the time. My housework is suffering. My life is pretty much at a stand still, I never feel like I have slept, and on a rare occasion, I will fall asleep for 15 to 20 hours. since 2000 the symptoms have gotten worse and I am so sick of most Doctor's not believing in this strange flu like pain, I seem to stay in. I tried physical therapy it put me in the bed for almost 2wks. I went through water therapy and it helped but I can't afford to stay in therapy either. I tried a chiropractor, 3 times a wk with some pain relief but that is very expensive. Most doctor's don't even recognize it. I used to play sports and was very active with Church and raising my children. My second marriage ended because of the disease and my son lives with his father because of this illness. My husband now is very supportive but I can see his disappointment when I don't really feel like doing anything at all. I wasn't a depressed person until this disease. I have tried everything to relieve my symptoms. daily walking, daily exercise, lyrica, even went to health food store and asked for supplements. I don't understand why some of these treatments work for others and isn't working for me. I finally went to a psychiatrist, now I am really depressed. She put me back on Cymbalta and to be honest, I don't feel any better or any worse. They gave me these sleep exercises but I still wake up feeling the same way. I am exhausted. I can't do this anymore. I won't do anything to hurt myself, but it has crossed my mind a few times. For 12 years, I have tried everything my physicians have asked me to do. I have listened to family members. I feel like I am dying and my brain hasn't realized it and keeps waking up every day to torture me. Now I have permanent nerve damage. I am sorry, I know if my life is this horrible, there are probably people worse off than I am. Anyone got anything new to try. I have lost my insurance so, whatever it is. My husband will do everything he can to get me treated.
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    I must say I have had those bad thoughts of .... I just can't go on like this anymore. It is not that I have suicidal thoughts, its just that I have felt hopeless and think that I can't continue to live....

    The only thing that has kept me going is my faith in our God. I know that Jesus and God love me and do not want me to suffer, so I continue to pray for anwsers from Jesus and strength from our god. Whatever faith you have will bring you much comfort when things are looking so hopeless.

    Also, if you can find a compassionate Doctor who will prescribe pain meds or the generic klonopin for this very bad time that you are going through that would help as well. Ambian is ok too. I know you don't have insurance but hopefully you will find a doctor that can work out a payment plan and keep all your expenses down as much as possible.

    Still praying for you and please be sure google Doctors in your area and start making phone calls. Ask them if they are willing to work with you financially. Hopefully, someone will respond to your needs. You need sleep and rest from your pain to heal properly. It is no cure but you have to manage these terrible times with the prescription meds until things settle down. The natural supplements and relaxation techniques become more helpful when you get a break from chronic on going pain that is causing you to spiral down. They do give me a break and then when I get more sleep I am able to start all the healthy eating and supplements again.

    I use the Prohealth Fibro Sleep and Peaceful Nights supplements together when I am doing better (highly recommend Peaceful nights because it has GABA it). I weaned myself off the Ambian and right now they are working well for me. Again, a little costly but use the monthly auto delivery and then you will get a discount on the supplements. I also use the Fibro multi vitamin. Be good to yourself...
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    I have had days just like that, where the world is just awful and you'd like it to just end. But we don't get to make that choice, and so, with the time we have we must deal with it.

    But the good part is that you don't have to go it alone. There is someone right there, right by your side every minute of every day. And you never have to be afraid to say "Hey, I need some help here!" And that person knows you better than you know yourself. After all, they gave you life! And that being is Spirit. "God" if you like (I am half Scots/Irish and half Native American) it does not matter what you call him as long as you do!

    I have lived through some VERY tough times, and in fact, I still am. But the thing I have learned the most is that people's opinions of me are just that - THEIR opinions. It doesn't matter what they THINK I am, for it doesn't make me WHO I am. I must do that. I must create my own self-image. I can tell you from my experience working with birds (BIG ones, like eagles, owls and hawks) that they are some of the ugliest creatures at birth. But who can watch a mature bald eagle flying overhead without looking at it in awe, as it soars among the clouds? And YOU can grow in to a majestic and beautiful creature too! Because you already ARE one! In you is the eagle. You just forgot how to fly!

    Be good to yourself. If it seems overwhelming, break it down into smaller pieces. 4 quarters make a dollar, but so does 100 pennies. Treat yourself - you deserve it! Take the time to smell a flower, pat a dog, listen to a bird sing it's head off. Beauty is everywhere, you only have to look out your window.

    Smile, even if it seems you have nothing to smile about. It exercises your face, makes you feel good and people wonder what you're up to! Learn everything you can, about everything you can. It takes your mind off self pity and makes you and the world around you more interesting. And, strange as it may seem, if you THINK you are getting better - you WILL feel better! If you say to yourself "This is going to be a rotten day" when you get up, you have already set yourself up for a bad day. Remove the road blocks and the road is going to look a lot better!

    And remember you have friends here who care. I know **I** do! And we are all just a message away! Please take care of yourself.

    Soft hugs,
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    I have had a very painful year. I had to give up my job. My husband is for the most part understanding. I know I have Jesus. I know he is always with me. My husband got me puppies to help with getting my mind off of the pain. Believe me they are work too, but joyous and cuddly. It also forces me to get out side to sit with them, and watch them play. I loved the way you put soft hugs in your message, that is the only way I can hug people because this illness. I am a hugger from the south and am proud. My husband is from New York, but he loves it. He is truly my best friend..Now I have you.

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