Can I have a bit of sympathy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bees, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. bees

    bees New Member

    I had a really long day yesterday doing all the things I havent been able to do for ages and today I feel awful. My people at home don't understand how awful I feel.

    My legs hurt, my eyes are strained all the time (I've got new glasses), I'm freezing cold, my back hurts, I'm so tired I can't sleep and I haven't got anyone to talk to about it that has even an understanding of what I feel like. I also think I'm lonely. Please can I have some sympathy, empathy and reassurance that I'll feel better soon?

  2. phenom

    phenom New Member

    hey there bees. good on you for doing all that stuff and i'm sorry you're feeling so bad now. i'm a firm believer that for every down theres an up (kinda like the law of gravity but reversed!). so i'm sure you have a big 'up' heading your way soon. plus i'm sending you happy healthy vibes from all the way down under (that should warm you up a bit - its soooo hot here!). hope you feel better real soon.

  3. pamela

    pamela New Member

    I know how you feel. Seems like we all have so much in common. For being cold and back aches or any aches...if you can take a real hot bath and soak. Then after you get out get a heating pad and climb into bed and lay on it where it hurts. I usually put it on medium or high. Just depends on your pain and tolerance. Hope this helps and get better. The post before mine had some good wisdom to say about what we go thru. Love pamela
  4. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    I do the same thing. If I'm feeling just a little like the old me, I jump right into some activity that I know is going to give me fits. But for me, most of the time, it's worth it. I am so tired of feeling like a 100 year old woman that some days I want to scream. So on good days, I do as much as I can to enjoy and then feel terrible for days.
    As for the lonely part, this place is a lifesaver. Always someone here who understands and will sympathize. So, I'm adding my healthy happy vibes and hope you feel better very soon.

  5. woodyd

    woodyd New Member

    i'm feeling poorly myself!! fortunately, i don't have a bad case of FM and so i can usually manage pretty well without the need for too many meds. however, after getting only 3 hours of sleep last nite i am feeling awful today. FM is like that for some of us and it just knocks the c**p out of me. i decided to get on the board today and here you be, bee (as well as other great family members). i am so thankful for the support here and now feel like i will make it thru the day. i have a yoga class tonite and that always makes me feel better.
    healing warmth for all in need!!
  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hope by now you are feeling better (5;30 pm) in my southern state.

    I think we all over do things when we have a good day, then have to pay for it later.

    Try taking a rest inbetween your chores instead of doing everything at one time. I find I last a lot longer taking short rests, then to just keep going untill I am exausted.

    Try a warm heating pad on your back, it always helps to use heat with Fibro pain, also a warm bath with Epson Salts is great too.

    Yes, I think most of us have times when we are lonely, no one really understands how we feel unless they are suffering from the same 'monster'! My husband tries, but he is a big healthy person and all this pain etc, is just more than he can take in!

    I have been feeling very good lately, and I think he is happier about it than I am. Others just feel so helpless around us sometimes.

    You take care, and come on the board whenever you need a little cheering up, there is always someone here to relate too.

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. catgal

    catgal New Member

    Oh my and I are paddling the same boat today. I just wrote a pathetic post filled with pitiful whining. I feel sorry for anyone who reads it...but actually I feel better emotionally having written it. Bless this Board!

    Isn't it terrible that we have to pay for having ONE GOOD DAY. And you could almost bear the unbearable if someone close to you understood, showed caring concern, and even pampered you a little bit. A little pampering goes such a long way with be nurtured, held, reassured, or shown some compassionate kindness. I feel for you bees, I really do.

    I will spare you all my whinings, but just hit the high- lites. I've had pneumonia all week which has thrown every ailment I've got into flare. I'm so nauseated I can't keep any meds down, drink liquids, or eat. Since I only work 3 days a week--if I don't work--I don't get I'll only get half a paycheck and can't pay all the bills on that. My man had to leave today for a two-day business trip, and I felt so lonely after he left I just sat and cried a while. Tears seem to be the only thing working on my wretched body today. My boss is angry because I didn't come to work this week, and my doctor is miffed because I refused to go in the hospital (no insurance).

    But you and I both know that these mean days pass, and if you had it to do over--you would still have enjoyed your day yesterday--even though history has shown us that we will pay tomorrow. And, we are never truly alone. When my man left, and I quit crying....I came straight to this Board and wrote my pitiful post in between throwing up.

    Just take a warm, relaxing soak while listening to some soothing music; wrap yourself up in something soft and comforting, spray on a fresh, gentle scent, and curl up in your warm security blanket or come back here, and we'll all have a good chat.

    Today is almost over, and you will feel better tomorrow. This will pass as it always does. Be gentle with yourself and we love you! Blessings, Carol....
  8. bees

    bees New Member

    I feel a bit better today. I've also told my dad I can't do some work for him as well so I don't feel pressure as much as I did either.

    Thanks to everyone for replying to me, it really helped to have people "talking" to me from experience. I'm sure I'll be back with the same subect again, I hope I don't start bugging people, if I do just let me know - I can take it!!
  9. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    Continuing support for each other. When we are down and out it feels good to relate to those who suffer in the same situations as we do. We are board friends and acquaintances, but the best support we have for one another. I hope the weekend goes better for you. In our prayers. Let it out with us. It may help and we listen.
    Soft teddy hugs.
  10. bees

    bees New Member

    I think I'm just a bit too insecure today, it makes me want to thank people all the time! It also makes me worry I'm a burden on other people's time - not a nice feeling. Thanks for making me feel a bit better about it :)
  11. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    Anytime you need a shoulder to cry on we are all here.
    What the heck are bestest buddies for?
    Soft teddy hugs to you!
  12. Tattoopixie

    Tattoopixie New Member

    Just wanted to say glad you are feeling better! I know that down feeling when you hurt & are tired & sad. As the others said, that's what we are here for. Do not ever feel an ounce of guilt for venting on this board! I stopped going to a counselor & come here for my support. He didn't under me but I am understood & given support here. We are "FMaliy" lol. Take care!