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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. rickj44

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    I had a person say this in another forum.. I want to know what your thoughts are.. especially people that have had this illness many years.

    The comment is

    They say FM is usually always a symptom of a more serious disease going on.
  2. GigglePoet

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    HI Rick,

    Interesting! I have never in all my years heard this..

    ~ Dee
  3. obrnlc

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    i think the statement is a crock!
    there is far too much going on with fibro to be associated with anything else in so many people (although the symptoms can be the same as other illnesses at times) and who says that fibro is NOT a SERIOUS DISEASE on its own !
    thats my 2 cents--have a great evening--L
  4. coolma

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    All the side effects of FM are because something has caused the adrenals, and all the sub-sets of the body's functioning systems (including immune, hypothalamus, adrenals, etc.) to go off "kilter". That something is the debate, but majority of the meds say #1 stress! #2damage to the spine affecting the central nervous system. In the end, it has been classed as a central nervous system disorder (that pretty much touches every body function, including the physical). Some of the side effects can be "tamed down" over time and alot of tender loving care. Hope this helps.
  5. elliespad

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    Fibromyalgia is the accumulation of symptoms, resulting because the body is slowly and painfully dying from poisons exceeding its capacity to detoxify.

    I belive we First have a genetic predisposition to faulty/impaired Glutathione production, and THEN have the misfortune to have SIGNIFICANT chemical exposures.

    So. I believe Fibromyalgia is not a DISEASE exactly, but a poisoning.
  6. suzannekart

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    I know I had FM in my mid 20's. I am now 62. Then there was no name for it as far as I knew.

    I told dr's the same things I have always told them. and they had no clue.

    I have never had anything else. Just the same problems most people have. Colds, flu, etc.

    I would think if I had an underlying problem it would have shown up by now!

    If there is a way for people to get something wrong they will.

  7. victoria

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    both viral and bacterial. Mycoplasma, chronic Lyme Disease, and HHVs are a few...

    Look at fight4acure's posts about research, also I think someone was running a post for a while about all the different possibilities that have been linked to both chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. (was it stormysky or prickles? sorry, can't remember.)

    CF/FM to me is a sort of wastebasket dx, in that there is a huge overlapping in symptoms but we're not all the same and no one thing is working for all... there are many subsets. This is another reason I believe there are stealth pathogens of different kinds causing our problems, combined with our specific genetic weaknesses.

    When researchers discovered tuberculosis, over 100 diseases thought to be other distinct diseases were cleared up! Same with Syphilis.

    Stealth pathogens are extremely good at hiding in our bodies and evading our immune system, they can take up residence inside our white blood cells as well as anywhere else in our bodies, including our brains; as a result they can wreak havoc in insidious ways

    all the best,

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