Can I just tell you how bad this monster fibro is?

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    I am so stressed after a serious scared with my husband.He started out with a stomache flu and since he has diebeties it was worse for him.

    He was so ill for a week before I got him to the hospital and then he had to spend 2.5 days in the ICU was so scary for me.

    I am upset, stressed and I don't know that much about his illness. And with him being so sick this past week I am feeling guilty that I am sick with a flare this week.

    I don't know if all the stress from the past week is doing a mumber on me and the fibro and my Chronic meyofacial pain syndrome . I also have a sore throat and am losing my voice I sound very growly and rusty when I talk. And I have had a headache that will not leave me alone.

    The pain from the fibro and the other chronic pain issures that I have are so bad now that they are over whelming to me. I hurt more today than I have in a long time. And I don't know if this is a normal way to be feeling.
    My brain feels like I should be worried about my husband and seeing that he gets to see his doctor and nutriitionist .

    Although he is the one that has to decide if he will go and if I am allowed to come with him.
    He does not like me to go to his doctors appointments or even ER trips. I am to stay out of it and be there is and when I am neeeded to be. I guess that he feels like I will ask dumb questions when I should just let the doctors do there jobs and not have to bother with my silly questions. He has been this way for 25 years so I don't expect for him to change.

    But I am feeling guilty that now I am sick and why am I Not feeling good because I have been stressing over him and how he has been. He was in a diebetic shock and it could have been worse , but now he is ok but having a struggle to get his sugars in order. And undercontrol.

    AFter leaving the hospital yesterday his blood sugar was normal and now todayor to night it is high and he is struggleing to get it back where it should be while not taking too high of a dose of insulin.

    I should be more concerned about him that I should be about me or that is what my heart says but my body is telling me that I have over done it for to many days and now i am going to have to pay for that extra things I have done.
    LIke walking too much and climbing up hills and not sleeping enough. And yes of course STRESS . I saw my husband in a light that I have never seen in before. I have never seen him so sick in all our 25 years of marriage. And I could have lost him from this.

    So I have sat and worried about what to do and how to get him to let me go with him to see the dietatation and knowing him hew ill not want me there as I will ask to many questions that I don't need to know about. And I think I do. I need to know what he should be eating and how he should eat and much more. But instead I am in a flare and have a cold ,I think.

    I am confused about what I should do. And how much of this flare is from stress? Is it normal to flare after a stressfull thing like this? I am so confused at why I feel so bad and why he won't let me be a part of his illness. He does not want to be a part of mine but still tells me that when I am sick like today I should be resting and not doing house work. So what is happening with me? Hvae I just lost my mind in all of this stuff and lack of control? I don't know what to think and I feel so rottten that I don't know how to function.

    And now I am not making much scense and I am reambling on and on about nothing improtant. Sorry for all the confusion.
    I am just so stressed from all that has gone on in the past couple of weeks. stress from my daughter who thinks that she is the one to plan things with her husband and her dadd and he does not like that and yelled at her so now she is angry with him for just being himself.

    I don't want to be stuck in the middle of this so I have stayed out of it but it is getting hard for me to do. I support my husband on the fact that he is a adult and does not need his daughter telling him what he is going to do on a day off when he has made plans already and since sshe told him what she thought should be going on he got angry with her and yelled at her. And MOm why are you not siding with me? I am so confusedd and feel rotten. And I can't cope with this any more. So I am going to go to bed and hopefully sleep.
    Sorry for the confusion in this post.
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    Hope you are feeling a little better. I don't feel so well, so I'll get right to the point, okay?

    First of all, I think WE ALL get sicker when there is any kind of stress in our life. I know I do. when I get a major flare it's either because I'm sick (like now - shingles again) or stressed.

    As far as your hubby, I would do a lot of research myself and find out all you can about diabetes. Men are so stubborn when it comes to being sick. Then you'll know how to help him (or "yell" at him) when needed.

    Lastly, in my humble opinion (and I DO mean only MY opinion...), if you don't have open communication - there's trouble. Your guessing what he thinking and he's guessing what your thinking. Take a chance. Talk to him. What have you got to lose.

    Okay, lastly,lastly :>) I know what you mean about losing your "duties". I went through the same thing. I really lost it when I couldn't get his clothes ready for the next morning. That little thing made me think I wasn't "worthy" anymore.

    I've since woken up, but I still have my moments. Remember- YOU ARE WORTHY. God said so and put you here. You'll find out one day why if you ask Him.

    I hope this helps even a "teeny" bit, and I hope more people answer with more advice.

    I will pray for peace, strength, knowledge and less pain for you.

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