can i just whine for a minute?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BexinTex, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. BexinTex

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    i'm tired of dumb doctors and their horrible staff. i'm tired of being treated like i'm faking my pain and being called a hypochondriac. i'm tired of being told i'm too young to have a debilitating condition.
    i am having a major surgery and the doctor refuses to give me anything stronger than darvocet (which i take on a daily basis for pain, along with other stronger narcotics) because it will be "plenty for pain relief" .. riiight, cut me open and give me tylenol for pain!

    i'm also battling with a dumb doctors office who can't get anything straight. when i go for the appointment, i spend 5 minutes with the doctor.. the doctor talks the whole time & i get an attitude from her when she has to come back because she walked out of the room before i had time to ask questions... the same doctors office tells me they can't give me anything more than a 6 month handicapped placard because "fibromyalgia is a temporary condition". AND THEN i ask them to fill out a medication form to send it to my insurance company. they don't take my word that i've tried medications and they failed for pain management. they need to speak with the doctor that i used to see.. then they can't seem to understand that if you see a military doctor on the other side of the country a year ago, the doctor is probably not there any more. .. oh and for 1 month they lied to me about why they didn't fill out the form.

    why can't doctors be more understanding & less judgmental?!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

    thanks for letting me whine! Feel free to add your whine :)
  2. spacee

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    Your making my pcp look good. But not so good that I am not taking myself to another doc. I have had it with the staff with attitudes. This group seriously does NOT work hard. He is off on Wed...and leaves early a lot to play golf. So, why can't a call about a heart rate of 130 be returned? Still waiting since Thurs.

    So, off I go. I do hope that you can find someone deserve it.

  3. BexinTex

    BexinTex New Member

    everyone for listening! it's been so frustrating. BDTMU516, i responded to you in another post :)
  4. BexinTex

    BexinTex New Member

    thank you, I'll look into that.
    Do you know how much he charges for appointments? How is his staff??

    We're a couple hours from Dallas but it would nice to visit there :)
  5. louiesgirl2

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    I consider myself very fortunate. I have great doctors who are very understanding. In fact here in South Florida at one of the biggest Hospital Networks they ask you if you have been diagnosied with FM as part of their regular questionaire.

    I am having tests done tomorrow and will be put under for a short period of time (colonoscopy) ew. They asked me about it when they were doing the pre surgery bit.

    I have an excellent Rheumy, however, I have to pay out of pocket because he is not on my insurance. Do not care, worth the money.

    My pcp is very up on FM and CFS.

    I consider myself lucky after I read here on the board all the horrow stories.

  6. jole

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    If your doc is treating you that way, please find another one. They are there for YOU, not the other way around. It took me 11 different docs before I found one who would actually listen. I know that's a lot, but if they don't believe, or feel you can cure it by "just" exercise, they obviously do not know fibro!

    I know exactly how frustrating (not to mention expensive) all this can be. Please don't waste your time and money on one who won't even have the decency to hear you out. Your time and money is too precious to be wasted.

  7. noica

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    im not sure where you are in texas but i am in el paso and i am seeing a really good military doctor ((i know those words dont usually go together lol)) but if you are close i can give you all the info on how to get into him!
  8. Lillie17

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    Sorry you're feeling crumby about so many hassles.

    Just wanted you to know that my local GP gave me a script for a one year permit and
    when I took it to the county office they told me 6 months was the longest they (the state)
    would give a placard for. (I'm talking Austin, TX here.) So it might not be your doctor.

    Also, it is pretty standard for doctors to want your record from other doctors in regards to pain meds. That, too, could well be a state law - although it does feel insulting. I went to one pain med doc in Austin who would give spot tests for illegal drugs before giving you any pain meds.
    I told him that was pretty insulting, and he said he felt he had to because there were druggies who didn't really have medical issues would hit up docs for drugs. I dunno.

    Keep your chin up! Don't let the docs pull it down.
  9. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I am so sorry you are going through this with your doctors and all... very frustrating to say the least.

    I have never heard this statment before : " "fibromyalgia is a temporary condition".

    from what I have seen... I really don't think this is so . Is it ?

    I am very lucky to have a great family doc and Rhumey

    I could not emagine living life without my pain meds.. I would not be able to do anything as the Lyricia. I really don't see much bennifit from this med anymore. ? just not sure .

    This DD is so very hard... I have gotten used to , or acepted that I will never be the same again . the me I used to know is gone. I can't even do the grocery shopping any more :( much less keep up with the house.. I do work from home Full time. split shift . that is about all I can do .
    sorry now I;m whining ...

    sounds like you really need a new Doc.. and I know how hard this is .. as I'v been through several my self before I found the ones I see now.

    I wish you only the best .. hang in there :)