can i mix antidepressants to aid sleep?

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    I have been taking Celexa for the past 10 days, but recently i am suffering the worst insomnia imaginable. I have slept for just 3 hours in the past 3 nights. I think im going slowly insane... my body is exhausted but my mind cant seem to switch off. I must be running on aut-pilot, how long can i surive like this? Do you think it will pass with time?
    I developed the flu last night which has sent my fibro symptoms through the roof. I really need to sleep but just cant, lying awake for hours on end is so frustrating. I have a box of amitriptiline left over from before my meds were changed. They used to really knock me to sleep, would it hurt to take one at night as well as the celexa in the morning? or will that cause me more problems when the amitriptiline run out? Ohhh i feel like a zombie!!



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    You poor thing! Im so sorry. How on earth do you keep going for so long on so little sleep? I will pray that we both get some sort of relief! Insomnia is sheer hell isnt it?

    Ive gone from sleeping 12-14 hours a day on amitriptiline to just 1 hour on the celexa. But one thing i have noticed is that for that 1 hour i wake up and remember i had a dream. I havent dont that for years, so maybe its a good sign, i dont know...

    Thanks for the response

    God bless

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    I had to stay off the amitriptyline for a week - although had only been back on for a week after 6 weeks off.

    Have the same thing, after the first week when I thought I would never wake up or be a real person again, I'm now down to 4 or 5 hours sleep, and I'm exhausted. But I can't sleep, even for a nap later in the day.

    Think I'm ready for the next level - only put me on 10mg and I was on 150 of the amy, and I used to wake up through that!!!

    Let me know how you get on, my mail is on my profile if you want to mail me direct

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    Hi there

    I was on amitriptiline (50mg, thats a little higher than you are on) for about 4 years and i found they really helped me, especially to sleep. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago i got very low and slept for 12-14 hours a day. Even when i was awake, i was like a walking zombie!! The doc told me that they werent working anymore and changed them. The second ones i tried really upset my stomach! Now im on celexa, haver been for less than two weeks.
    Now the sleep problem!! grrrr. I feel so awful tonight with this rotten flu. Im burning up and ive pumped myself full of painkillers but i so desperately need to sleep. I cant survive another night on an hours sleep, im aching all over.
    Thats why the temptation to open the packet of amitriptiline and take one is so great!! but im not sure if that would be a bad idea, im on celexa now. Ive just realised that the celexa is only 10mgs. I wonder if thats the problem? Too low a dose?? Hmmm


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    Thank you very much for that response. I posted the following one at the same time as you i think!! LOL

    What you were talking about sounds serious, thanks for alerting me to it. Not the answer i wanted to hear as im sure amitriptiline will knock me out, but im glad i know. I didnt think mixing the two would hurt for a couple of days, just till this flu passes a little. Looks like its back to counting sheep! Grrrr.

    Thanks again

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    This is just a thought, but what about OTC Benadryl? It seems to help a lot of people sleep. But you need to find out from a pharmacist or LL if it would interfere with the Celexa.

    By the way St. John's Wort also increases Serotonin in the brain, so do not take that either. Its considered a harmful interaction with Celexa in the book; 'The Natural Pharmacy'.

    You sure need some sleep, that is not good at all to be awake all those hours.

    Call the pharmacist if you can't get in touch with your doctor.

    Let us know how you are doing............

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Thanks for the advice, i really appretiate it. I did manage two hours sleep last night, but not straight. Just as im falling asleep, its almost like something jolts me awake! Its not a natural wake up, i feel spooked! I dont know if that makes sense.
    I dont think there is a part of me that doesnt hurt today, dont know if thats this flu or lack of sleep. My temps 102 and my necks so stiff i can barely move my damn head! But i did stay away from the amitriptiline, not that i wasnt tempted! I will ask my partner to check out the pharmacy for me later. Youve given me a lot of options and an idea of what i can and cant take..

    You are all sooo helpful, big hug going out to you!!!!!!!!


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    Tried neurontin for sleep? it works very well, but for me it makes me very tired all the next day which is frustrating - hope that wears off ive only been on it a few days.