Can I request prayer for my situation? My message inside explains...

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    My problem is outlined in this message I posted on the MCS Board....would you please read this and base your prayers for me on its contents.

    Hi there, I am stressed to death. I had found some skincare items I could use to clean my face and eyes (both of which are afflicted with rosacea) and to moisturise my skin. Until recently, I was able to use a mineral powder to cover the redness but now it makes me feel sick.

    My problem is that the facial cleanser ( I've relied on to clean my face and eyes with little or no problem) and my facial moisturiser have both been reformulated and now I react to both updated versions. I have a little left of each of the products I am fine with. I am struggling with CFS and am having to experiment with cleansers and moisturiser to find replacements. Eveything I am trying is making me feel extremely sick...even organic stuff...even plain jojoba oil applied to my face makes me feel very sick.

    This is making my CFS much worse. The stress is very difficult. I know I cannot live with the increased symptoms that occur when I run out of my limited supply of the stuff I am ok with.

    I have tried just water but my eyes start to hurt and my face gets raw and the stress of that makes me feel ill. I tried not washing at all and my skin and eyes got so sore. My skin gets very painful without appropriate skincare but I just cannot seem to find anything natural or chemical, that will not make me feel like vomiting. When I have this reaction, the fatigue and muscle pain and headaches all get so much worse, too.

    The stress is making me worse... all I can do is worry about how bad I'm gonna be when I run out of my regular stuff... The worry of it is prevening any improvement....

    Everyone has to clean their face and moisturise, even MCS sufferers. Please all MCS sufferers share your facial skincare regime...(also stating how bad your case is)

    Thank you so much. I'd appreciate as many answers as possible.

    PS My partner who is a Christian believes I am going to be cured of this awful chemical sensitivity which is making my circumstances so much harder. He believes this is a promise given to him by God. So can you also please pray for greater faith in God on my part. I can, in theory, believe God can cure me completely but trusting in him for that is more problematic for me. Hope you know what I mean.
    Thank you all so much, God bless, Shelbo

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    I am so sorry your suffering so much. I will lift you up in prayer. I have CFID & rosacea too. I have a real hard time finding things I can use on my skin. What I'm using right now that doesn't give me a problem is zinc powder mixed into sesame oil. You can get plain old zinc powder on the net for next to nothing. It's like 3 something a jar.

    Sesame oil you can get at most health food stores. I make kind of a paste and rub it into my skin. Zinc is very good for any kind of skin rash. Something I just started last night was lye soap. We have a store in town that just started selling this, but you can get it on the web too. My grandmother use to make this for me when I was a kid because I was so prone to rashes and this always helped. Since I just started this I don't know if it will help yet.

    Another thing I used without problem was sulfur soap. It comes from Isreal and the dead sea. I get it over the net. It runs $6-7 a bar but it last a really long time. Hope things get better for you!

    Take care,