Can I take certain supplements and medications at once?

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    Can I take all 3 of these products at once? And can I get these in Adelaide, South Australia?
    -Stabilium 200 GARUM 30 capsules
    -Pro SAMe 400mg 30 tablets
    -L-Theanine Calm-Plex 100mg 60 medium capsules

    I received an email with all of these products displayed in it for 20% off each.
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    Read the directions, L Theanine is a calmer, and I'm not sure how many a day are suggested,,,,I have this supp but don't use it often. I use Inositol more often during the day for calming.....and meditation which is FREE.

    I tried SAMe two times in my life and neither time worked for me....firstly about 10 yrs ago at 200mg, then in the last few years went to 800mg per day and no help. BUT, could help you....we're all different.

    Take them a little apart from one another, I would.

    I don't know Stabilium, so can't comment....take

    Oh, I don't know about Australia, do you folks down there have a
    supplement source(s)....
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    I know USANA is in Australia and they carry top of the line supplements. But not the 3 you guys are talking about. I just brought it up in case something else was needed and the quality is there with them.
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    There is a website just called that I use to check interactions. This is assuming the drugs are manufactured under the same names in Oz, but generic should work too. Good site!
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    Do you speak English?