Can I take certain supplements and medications at once?

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    Can I take all 3 of these products at once? And can I get these in Adelaide, South Australia?
    -Stabilium 200 GARUM 30 capsules
    -Pro SAMe 400mg 30 tablets
    -L-Theanine Calm-Plex 100mg 60 medium capsules

    I received an email with all of these products displayed in it for 20% off each.
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    I know USANA is in Australia and they carry top of the line supplements. But not the 3 you guys are talking about. I just brought it up in case something else was needed and the quality is there with them.
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    There is a website just called that I use to check interactions. This is assuming the drugs are manufactured under the same names in Oz, but generic should work too. Good site!