Can I take Olive Leaf and Minocycline together?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by praisingHim, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. praisingHim

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    I have been on Minocycline for mycoplasma for about 3 months and still having the sick all over feeling. I am thinking I may have a viral load as well as bacterial. Can I take olive leaf while on the minocycline, or should I wait until my 6 months are up on the antibiotic to begin? Thanks for any information!
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    I have not seen any info that indicated that OLE would interfere with any antibiotic drugs...Also, OLE improves the intestinal flora, unlike the ABX..Are you taking additional probiotics, too, as that definitely needs to be added, if you are on ABX?

    It may interfere with the blood thinners (Heparing, Coumadin, etc.), which need to be carefully monitored and many herbs are contraindicated with them..And it can potentiate the effects of Blood Pressure and Anti-diabetic drugs..

    But, to be cautious, I would discuss any thing you are taking new with your medications, with your doc. Also, I would discuss with Jelly/Madwolf/Mike your experience on the ABX and whether you should still be feeling this sick or if you should try a different antibiotic...

    Do you feel that the Minocycline is going to be effective for your bacterial load? and are you continuing to herx, still? I want my mother to consider this treatment for RA, but don't know if she can tolerate more sickness...

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    Thanks for the reply. I haven't seen where I couldn't mix the two either, but I will talk to my doc at the end of July for his opinion of the herb itself before starting.

    I herxed for about 3 days on the minocycline. It has helped some, but I still thing I have other components to my illness that it's not going to help. Best wishes to your mom.