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    Wishing Mikie well on this week's injection. That Pam's house sells before
    the pushy ppl show up. And that Leah doesn't pig out on banana pancakes :)

    And all the MIA's are resting and will feel better soon. Oh, AND that Jole
    has a great time at the Lake!!


  2. Mikie

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    All I did yesterday was watch the "Game of Thrones" marathon. I feel a bit better today but my computer isn't working like it should. It won't load Yahoo, my home page so I have to do a search in the tool bar on Google and use it to navigate. I have Firefox and may have to use it. I'm going to go back in and reset my computer to an earlier date. Obviously, something has messed it up. Think I'll neaten things up a bit but not overdo it today. I like to go easy the day before my injections.

    I did read the last post, Linda, about Dr. Cheney and autoimmunity. My doc thinks that with Sjogren's, the body wants to make the tears and saliva but the autoantibodies keep it from being able to read the signals to produce them. As soon as the injection starts to work, the saliva and tears flow. Evidently, there has been no failure of the salivary glands nor the oil glands in the eyelids.

    I've been having that horrible anxiety where I keep thinking something horrible is going to happen. I don't know why we have this. I can take a bit of Klonopin under my tongue but that usually doesn't stop this kind of anxiety.

    I can't go back to read all the posts so I apologize for not responding to everyone. Y'all know that I do keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm way behind in posting but I have kept up with reading.BIL birthday party was so much fun we didn't get home until 10:30.Shockingly late I know.
    Everytime I went to post yesterday I was to tired to finish and deleted instead.I slept the entire day and went to bed early how pathetic is that?

    Did not take Lily she was so stressed being in the car that we waited the hr. and a half these people took to look at the house and dropped her off at home.I hope all that time they took means a bid tomorrow but who knows.

    Linda I was so thinking of you at the party.I went to use their bathroom and the window had no blinds.The whole backyard was exposed or rather I was exposed.I was doing the whole crouching as low as I could go thing.Imaging if those were feet out there like you had to experience.I guess there was blackout film on the window but at dusk BIL turned on the light and we all cheered and clapped for him.He waved one hand then the other then really made us laugh raising both hands.The girlfriend said use the one upstairs but SIL told me no curtain there either.I wasn't even going to try.So darn funny.

    Oh Leah you had me laughing at myself.Everybody puts up with me so they will you.So glad you have that good sense of humor I talked about.I'm not even going to try and explain I will dig myself in deeper and you know it.

    First tomato tuned pink and huz and I were keeping an eye on it.Today I went to go pick it and a big bite was taken out.Huz thinks a squirrel maybe.I picked it and will cut that part out.Darn these animals anyway.They think we grow strawberries,blueberries,and now tomatoes just for them.We're sticking netting over the top.

    Loved all the suggestions for unwelcome couple.So far huz just doesn't call them back so it didn't come down to a brunch with them.It's his friend so he can deal with them.I don't get their insistence though.Leah Frieda you can still visit though.
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    Leah has something healthy she can throw at the toaster :) and eat!!

    And poor Pam got the same experience in the bathroom as I. It was
    awful wasn't it? Sheesh. Things you think will never happen to you!

    Hope there is an offer on your house. 1.5 hours is very long. Exciting,
    nerve wracking time.

    Is MIkie good at computers or what? She is the only person I ever hear
    of doing those things to a computer. Twin went out and bought herself
    a new MacAir or AirMac. I thought the price was excessive but then,I
    know nothing about computer prices. She had the "feeling" that the old
    was "was going to go" on her. It was 5 years old. About the only thing I
    do know is that in computer worlds, that is vintage.

    Leah, you and your Huz are eating exactly the way Cheney thinks we should.
    Fresh off the bush. The only other thing he likes is raw. But steamed is good.
    Not microwaved. This is he writing. Me, I do what I feel like at the moment.
    Which is usually go by a McD's and get a diet soda. Poison to the body, I
    am confident.

    Pam, I slept all day and nite practically yesterday too. I think I remember
    doing that. Today, I told huz that it was a Spa day and I was going to wash
    my hair and he could go downstairs and watch "the game". I don't know
    what game but there is always something on.

    LDN. No trouble at all. Low Dose Naltrexone dot org. Gives you the skinny
    on it. It's an old drug so no way for Big Pharma to make a bunch of money
    off studying it for various illnesses. So it's up to word of mouth for ppl to
    know about it. Dr. Klimas in South Florida seems to use it a lot in her
    practice with CFS. It's for MS, Autoimmune,Chrons and various types of
    cancers. Non toxic but can interfere with sleep the first week. Seems I have
    slept MOre but I take klonopin so maybe that is why.

    It can't be taken with opiate type pain killers. However some docs have
    figured out that Tramadol is ok. Just not 6 hours prior and 6 hours after.

    Guess that is it for tonite. Love you did make me laugh!!

  5. rockgor

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    A virus attack! My computer was fried.
    How could this happen? I'm fit to be tied.

    Yes, how could it happen when we have 2 anti virus programs? "Man
    is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward."

    Be back pretty soon, I hope, soon as I get done test driving this thing.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, it's been almost a week sans computer. Couldn't even get to the desk top.
    I don't understand why people do this. It isn't as though they could enjoy watching me writhe in agony and gnash my teeth.

    Actually, I can no longer gnash my teeth. The few I have left are all in the top
    jaw. Ha Ha!

    Mikie, sorry to hear about the anxiety. I took Xanax for a while. I don't know why. I suspect my doctor prescribed it out of habit. Just read a courtroom story on medical malpractice. The narrator said most jurors are very reluctant to think a
    doctor could do such a thing. It may be the same theme as shown in polls. Most
    voters have a low opinion of folks in Congress, but think their Congress people
    are OK.

    You having another peptide shot this week? Hope you get good results.

    Spacee, never heard AirMac or MacAir computers. I believe a MacAir is an
    inflatable raincoat. And isn't AirMac McDonalds' new fluffy biscuit? I like your
    observation, "Always some game on". Kinda like there is always some new
    scandal in the news involving a pro athlete, politician or actor. The faces change, but the plot remains the same.

    Here are some words of encouragement, Frieda: Way ta Go! Keep it up. Push!
    Don't look back. Tell 'em to get bent. You did it! and Don't worry. It should heal up real quick. Finally, always good to hear from you.

    Pam, have you tried typing your posts in your mail; just like an outgoing e mail?
    If you want to pause, you can "save as a draft". When all done, you can cut and
    paste to the board. This won't prevent vanishing posts, but it will help.

    'Member 5-6 years ago there was a funny photo making the rounds on the net?
    It was a public bathroom. People on the outside saw mirror walls, but the
    folks inside saw transparent walls.

    You can find it by searching for "Public bathroom with mirror walls" or by going here:

    The gray cat came by around midnight for some dogfood. He was here twice last
    week. Maybe he has other people who feed him. He is a welcome but shadowy

    All for now
  7. Mikie

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    That I don't lose another post. I've just been waaaaaay too tired to retype them. I feel so behind on everyone's life here. I just want to thank everyone for your support and good wishes for my injection. Just got back from the doc's office. First things first--eating some breakfast. I have to fast before and for an hour after so I'm starved by the time I get home. Had to go to Target Pharmacy for some antibacterial salve for my knee. The scab came off prematurely and it's infected underneath. GAG! Doc did a short neuro exam because we both think I had a mild head injury. He said extreme exhaustion can last for a month after a concussion. I know now why my last shot worked (no Sjogren's symptoms) but why I am also exhausted. I suspect the sense of anxiety is also from hitting my head. I've been slipping a bit of clonazepam under my tongue to help with it. Doc thinks Klonopin is a great drug with little danger of abuse.

    Leah, thank you so very much for all your kindness and good wishes. I'm happy you got a good Huz but wish you could heal. I think bush beans are the way to go. They bush out and shade the soil so the roots need less water. They are what I grew when I used to do the intensive gardening. I picked up a nice big thick steak at Target and grabbed a frozen steamer bag of brocchli to fix in the microwave (nobody tell Dr. Cheney :)

    Pam an hour and a half? Good grief, I hope that's a sale. I've never spent that much time buying a house or condo. We have a bar down here called The Green Flash. When you go into the bathroom, you can see all the people at the bar through the one-way mirror but they can't see you. It's just too weird peeing in front of an audience. When people come out with that deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces, everyone laughs.

    Linda, from your lips to God's ear. I still don't know what is wrong with my computer. It is verrrrrrry sloooooow loading pages. I may have Comcast bump me up to a faster speed but I really think it's something wrong with my software. Now, I'll be tearing my hair out trying to fix it. It started after I loaded that super-duper anti-virus software from Norton which was recommended to get rid of that vicious virus if one were infected. So, is the LDN continuing to help? I hope so. I've heard some good things about it but don't know how it works. Just hope it does work.

    Rock, brother, I feel your pain. You are having worse problems than I. Anti-viral software cannot keep up with the creeps who design these things. I've always been so happy with this computer and I still love it but something is wrong and I can't find out what. Grrrrr! Bless you for letting the little gray kitty share Zippy's food. I put food outside for Tweety, Sylvester and Simon, our ghost of a cat. Poor fellow. Someone must have really traumatized him for him to be so afraid of people.

    I wasn't productive yesterday, again. Well, at least now, I have an excuse--head injury. What can I use for an excuse the rest of the time? I am doing a bit better but won't be dancing any jigs today. I always rest the day of the injection, not that I need to but because I think the peptides have a better chance if my body isn't under any strains.

    I watched Season 2 of "Game of Thrones." It' such a complicated plot that I catch new stuff every time I watch the shows. I would love to read the books by George R. R. Martin but each one of the trilogies is a tome. I'll bet keeping up with the plots by reading is even harder. I went online before Season 1 to get a synopsis of the story line so I'd have a chance of understanding what was going on. I even drew a crude map of each kingdom or fiefdom to try to get an understanding of where each ruling family came from. Everyone thinks he or she has a claim to the iron throne so there's lots of fighting going on. It's really gory but, much like a train wrech, I can't take my eyes off of it. My Mom used to think I was unbalanced :) Guess I'm an unbalanced nerd.

    I may watch "Puss and Boots" again today. I love that DVD and all the ones in the "Shrek" series. It cracks me up when the cats get into a dance competition and they do the litterbox dance. My GS loved that part. So good to be back and to read everyone's posts. Take care, dear friends.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ranigar

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    Haven't heard from realty people so I guess those people weren't interested.Sure we'll get a call later saying house was lovely but...

    Mikie that was one heck of a fall you took.I hope you get back to better health soon.Good that the last shot helped the Sjogren's that's very encouraging.I have seen or read of Game of Thrones but don't get that channel on cable.Sounds very complex.

    Did any of you watch NYMedical on Tues. night.That is my type of show.I loved it and will make sure to stay up til 10 again.

    I like that your huz planted the flowers Linda.I miss not seeing all that color out my window.The few I had time to plant in Spring got blown over from the lawn mower huz rode to close to the landscaping.So dry anyway right now that even the grass is brown.

    I liked the idea of frozen pancakes to go that I made french toast to go on Sun.Little slices of French bread that was to hard made perfect from soaking.

    Sorry about your computer Rock but glad it was the computer and not you on the blink.Wondered where you were.Thanks for the tips.

  9. Mikie

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    Let HSN run instead. Beautiful jewelry and Nate Berkus. I haven't seen his things on HSN in ages. NBC runs his show at 3:00 a.m. I wonder who he insulted at NBC or whether his ratings in daytime were too weak. NBC is obviously just honoring his contract. I'm glad to see his is still making beautiful home prodcts. I have put away all the jewelry I can in the new jewelry armoire. It has way too much room for rings unless one has a ring addiction. There is no way to put stud earrings into it. There are little boxes at the bottom of one side but I need them for my cuff bracelets and watches. So, I need another place for pendants and pins. Fortunatey, I have one drawer with divided containers. I also got anti-tarnish sheets for the drawer and armoire. Wish some of my pieces weren't already tarnished. I need to order the jewelry cleaner. Also, it wouln't hurt to order the little LED light for the top of the armoire. No wonder HSN gets all my money.

    Pam, sorry about the people but maybe they are talking it over or trying to figure out financing. Hope so. I like pancakes and French toast too but it has to be home made. I can tolerate frozen Eggo waffles. I love the frozen turnovers with icing but they are rick. Yes, "Game of Thrones" is very complex. In a few years, A&E will probably pick it up like they did "The Sopranos." Some of the same producers and directors are working on this show and "Boardwalk Empire," another good series on HBO. Watch for it when it shows up on another cable channel. I watched the first three episodes of "Newsroom" and am not impressed. The writing is really bad and even good actors can't overcome that. Aaron Sorkin, who wrote "West Wing," created this one. I don't see how it can last. I don't like vampire shows so haven't seen "First Blood."

    My computer is still slow to load pages but it's better than before. Tweety came in and napped in the A/C. One of our neighbors up North just lost her beloved old dog. She is heartbroken. I'm so sad for them. I vowed to never love another pet because of the pain of loss and because much of the time, I'm not able to care for a pet. Well, God's having none of that. He dropped Sylvester and Tweety right in our laps. I'm so glad He did. Tweety demands love and attention. They are outside cats so all I have to do is set out a little dry food and set out cream inside. They won't eat the dry food unless it's outside like down at Jeff's. They also won't eat human food so they don't beg. They never go in the house because they've been going outside all their lives. I have pets without having to take care of them. No litter boxes. I do worry about them, though, because outside cats are more at risk.

    Again, dear friends, I send my best. Hope everyone has a good evening. Rock, hope you get the computer fixed.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You are very talented at surviving. That is what it takes to make it through the rough stuff. Just knowing when to go to bed is something we have to develop through experience. Not trying to swim against the current but learning to let it carry us is something that some never learn. One shrink told me to go with the flow when necessary. It took me some time to get the hang of it. Lately, I've been on the sofa or in bed. After a while, it gets boring, expecially when there is pain and really bad exhaustion involved. If we can find something to take our minds off of it, it's better but that's not always possible and we just have to get through it. You do it gracefully and with humor.

    Yes, appt. was yesterday and the shot is already helping me. I'm drooling like a dog and tearing up too. I can feel some nerve regeneration in my face where it was injured. The anxiety is better but I'm still tired. So, I'm lying around in my jammies after a nice soak in Epsom Salts. I had to keep my knee bent and out of the water but that wasn't too hard. I even managed to exfoliate with my favorite Adrienne Arpel argan oil exfoliator for the body. After, I put on her silky argan oil body cream and used some of the facial argan oil. I don't use it that often because it's more expensive but I got a good deal on a kit. It's so moisturizing. In between, I use good old Jergen's on my bod. Due to extensive facial skin cancer, and the topical chemo I had, I have to use Retinol and vitamin C skin care products. Fortunately, they are affordable if bought from AA in kits. My skin looks better than in ages but I need to get back to have a few spots frozen. My upper lip is stubborn.

    My pedi is doing great but my fingernails are a mess so removed the clear polish and filed them down. Will put the clear back on later after the cat goes out. Fur in nail polish isn't attractive :) Like many of us with FMS, I developed a vertical ridge on one nail and it greaks off at the end as it separates along the ridge. My other nails are fine but I am starting to see some ridges forming on them. Evidently, the peptide injections aren't taking care of this symptom. Grrr! The nails are dry, as is everything else from the A/C running all the time.

    Think I'll go to bed even though it's only 5:00 here. I'll have to get back up to let Tweety out. She jumps up on the bed and yowls at me in a most demanding manner. I admire her because she knows how to get what she wants. She must have been reading my mind; she just asked to go out. I'll have to remember to put their cream in the fridge so it doesn't curdle.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Rock, hope you get the computer up and running. What a pain! Mine is still slow, like me, but better, like I hope to be. Love, hugs and prayers to everyone, especially for Diane who lost her beloved Heather Kitty and for Granni whose DD is awaiting a biopsy report prior to surgery. Prayers for you too, Leah, that you feel better.

    Love, Mikie

  11. spacee

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    Had to go to the site with the public toilet. Too funny. Thanks, Rock!

    So this is the week that wuz. So sorry most of us are having bad spells.
    Hoping that is all it is...a short time.

    I'm having to cut back on my already limited (to me) diet. Since the
    brain seizure type thing (with sound, light and motion), I have started
    having canker sores in my mouth. Continuously. One on one side, then
    as it goes into oblivion, one on the other side pops up. One afternoon,
    I was just having a bit of watermelon, there was the tingling sensation.
    At, it seems to be a common problem in women over 50.
    Who knew? We deal with all kinds of pain, what is one more, it seems
    to me. But I got some kind of stuff that numbs it and it does help. If
    you like feeling numb. :)

    My friend who enrolled in the Fatigue Study (paid by taxpayers) filled out
    the forms and walked for 6 minutes one day. For that she gets paid $75.

    I was too late to get accepted into the study. Actually, it isn't a study. They
    are "teaching" ppl how to treat their fatigue. What a bunch of bull.
    Excuse my french.

    Yes, Leah, it is a mystery as to why the LDN is considered non toxic when
    almost any thing is toxic to someone. I have no answer for that one. Some
    ppl have said that it helped their MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). A
    chemical helped their MCS? Doesn't make much sense but I glad it helped

    Ok, Mikie has been promoted from Compter Nerd to Computer Nerd/Fine Arts
    Specialist! With her love of jewelry and pottery. I think she is a pool shark
    too, if my memory serves me.

    And I should add, finder of great docs :) That the doc agreed that you had
    a brain injury and thought klonopin was a good drug is astonishing to me.
    I believe it but finding a doc who would around here...not a chance.

    Glad you are enjoying Sylvester and Tweety so much. Our two mia kittys
    have been showing up again. Maybe they like to come out after the rain.
    I think they are just friends and don't live with the same family. So sweet
    that they like each other.

    Off for more meds. Do you feel like that is your "life". I do. Oh well...better
    than no meds!

    Love you kids. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow!!


  12. spacee

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    This is really and truly sold on eBay for $23.95. Fart Be Gone pad.

    Yep, for that amount of money, you can have for yourself or someone
    you live with, one pad. They should place it in their underwear and
    that should be the end of the smell.

    It goes no indication on how long one of these $23.95 pads work but
    report that a number of please ppl have purchased them.

    The owner of said pads has written volumns about the said topic.

    That's my 'strange thing' for the day :)

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    What will they think of next? A fart pillow! My ex coulda used one. Between that and his bathroom fumes, it was enough to cause the paint to curl off the walls.

    Linda, glad y'all are getting rain. Our paper just printed that we are officially out of being in a drought, some of it due to Debbie. Glad your little kitties are showing up. Tweety doesn't like being out in the rain either if there is lightening and thunder or if the rain is too strong and blowing around. She yowls to come in as she sits on my kitchen windowsill. This morning, I could hear Simon softly mewing down in the bushes in front of our bldg. I put out some dry food for Tweety and when she was through, she came in and he came up to eat.

    When my Sjogren's was so bad, I would get those sores in my mouth all the time. My mouth would feel burned like it had been scorched by fire. Have you used the Biotene mouth wash? It doesn't cure the symptoms but does help them. It's soothing. I've had sensory overload, including MCS, when I've had flares. It was so bad, I couldn't get near the detergent aisle at the store. I have to use only the laundry products which are free of fragrance and things which cause problems. I also have had sensitivity to harsh lighting, noise, touch and movement. I still can't drive if there is too much going on in the car. That is why I've asked my friends not to take or make calls while I'm driving.

    I still have to read up on LDN. After years on the Klonopin, my sensory overload is so much better. It was only after the fall that I had that horrible anxiety with no reason. I still will slip some Special K under my tongue if I feel anything coming on. Yes, I'm so very lucky to have found my doc. We discussed how low the incidence of actual psychological addiction is to Klonopin. I've had some good docs but this one is exceptional. Today, I get to take my meds again and I'm excited. I always take the Klonopin but I get to go back to my blood pressure meds and hormones. I'm glad the LDN is helping you.

    I may be a nerd but not a very effective one when it comes to my computer. It is still slow at loading pages. I'll figure it out but I have bigger fish to fry and as long as it's, at least, working, I'll put it on the back burner. I don't buy pottery any longer because I don't entertain but I keep the pieces I have and display the larger ones to enjoy. It's only in my old age that I've discovered jewelry. I have some traditional jewelry which is smaller but it's the new big chunky organic jewelry which has caught my eye. That I can assemble my own at a fraction of the prices on the Q or HSN is what really got me into it. I will wear both kinds more now that I can actually see things and now that all the chains aren't tangled.

    I wish you could get down to Ft. Myers once a month to try the injections. I know how hard it is, though, just to drive a few miles to the store. Yes, I've felt that my life revolves around meds. Good thing I live around other older people. Everyone else is taking drugs too, mainly BP meds. When we go out to lunch, everyone digs into their pill boxes for their mid-day BP med. In our cases, these things are keeping us alive or keeping us sane. Barb, next door, had a stroke and the clot stopped in her eye. She is blind now in that eye but it probably saved her life that it stopped there and didn't go to the brain. She is on a blood thinner. Yikes! She has to be so careful and get tested all the time. I'm just glad we didn't lose her.

    Our taxpayers' money at work! Paying someone to walk 6 mins. for $75. Heck, if I had had a chance to sign up, I would. Yes, we have to learn to live with these illnesses but wouldn't the money be better spent on research to actually cure our illnesses? Doesn't this say that the powers that be don't believe in our illnesses and/or don't believe there will ever be a cure? The FDA is aware of a pharma study in the US for peptide injections for Lyme Disease and they have approved the kind I'm taking but they insist they be called amino solution injections (a rose by any other name). If only ins. co's. would pay for them. If we are serious in this country about cutting the costs of medical care, we need to switch our paradigm from one of treating illness to preventing illness. OK, off my soapbox now.

    Rock, does the place with the public toilets have computers in the restrooms? I hope you get yours up and running. I try to plan my toilet visits so I don't have to use public toilets. I do have to use the one at the Toyota dealership when my car is in for oil changes, but that restroom is sooooo clean--cleaner than mine at home.

    I haven't even finished reading the newspaper so had better get going. I need to get to the store and take my garbage down to the dumpster. Just got my voter registration card in the mail Mon. so guess the big voter purge didn't kick me off the poll roll. I'll check the mail when I go down to the garbage. I don't get down there every day. It's either bills or junk mail. Who needs it?

    Everyone, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Maybe we'll get some rain to cool it off.Plants and grass need it bad.Linda where do you find this stuff?$23.95 and people buy it.

    The house hunters that looked at the house Fri. liked our house but remember those apts. down the road that got rezoned.They are scared off because of it.Huz and I are so mad.Realtor called back last night and said they will go to the zoning board today and get a copy showing the layout to explain to buyers that it shouldn't really be an issue.Even if it doesn't change these buyers minds it might help with someone else that has questions.

    So in spite of all that I feel calmer.We can't fix things like that and just need to wait.No bad comments that our home needs lots of work or has small rooms or even is priced to high.What will be will be.

    Sounds like Mikie is slowly coming out of the abyss and Linda and Leah have fallen in it.Canker sores are so painful Linda.Remember those couple of yrs. I got them one right after another.There has to be a reason for it.

    Huz and I ate a burrito out yesterday.I hardly ever eat them and was surprised at his choice.Taste buds don't work to well but I actually got some flavor this time and enjoyed it.Wonder what we'll do today.We have been eating early for our main meal because the dryness isn't as bad so I'm at least able to feel like trying to eat.Huz eats a sandwich later but I'm usually done for the day unless it's ice cream.

    DD asked how I was feeling and I said just ehh.That's a feeling right?Not the energy level I had for several months but not bad really.My wish for all of you is that you can get to the ehh level with me.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The gray cat was here last night. He and Zippy shared some meat Gordon
    set aside for the animals. I think maybe it was boiled pork. Tasteless
    anyway. They didn't care.

    Zippy continues his work as an exterior decorator. His biggest project was
    to drag a blankie 20' to the sunken garden. He enlarged the area under a
    table and installed the blankie there.

    Got a new hard drive. That begs the question, do computers have a soft
    drive? If there is such a thing as a disgruntled employee, is everybody else
    a gruntled employee. If two of our Presidents were impeached, does that
    mean all the others were peached?

    Linda, sorry to hear about the cancer sores. I have vague memories of
    one or two in my childhood. Anydobby know the cause of childhood tummy
    aches? They went away by the time I was in jr. high. The medicine
    prescribed by my mother was 7up.

    Don't worry about the sun, Linda. The sun'll come out tomorrow, betchur
    bottom dollar thre'll be sun...

    I didn't see any computers in the bathroom with the see thru walls, Mikie.
    I guess one could carry a laptop. Perhaps in the future computers will
    be the size of cellphones and people will be flushing them away too. Glad
    to hear the anxiety is gone.

    Pam, "Nothing new" is what my aunt Shirley used to write at the beginning
    of every letter. She and her DH lived in a sr. cit. housing facility. "We
    are old," she'd say. "Nothing ever happens here but bingo games and
    sing alongs w/ the accordion player."

    She and my mother wrote good letters. The rest of the family is lousy
    except for my sister, but she seldom writes more than a paragraph.

    I made some French toast a couple years ago. Didn't bother to check
    on proportions. Just tossed some milk in w/ an egg. The result was OK,
    but nothing special. Probably needed some sugar and vanilla.

    All fur now
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    The remedy when I was growing up was 7up too. Of course, it required lying
    on the sofa and having a temp before it was offered.

    Thanks Leah, I do take lysine daily. After reading at and remembering Pam's sores (that went on for a long time), I don't think the
    lysine is helping. I am really thankful I only have had one at a time. Which,
    of course, gives you a side of your mouth to eat with. Pam, no wonder you
    lost your desire to eat!

    Oh, H pylori bacteria was mentioned as a possible cause. Well, darn, I hate
    take antibiotics. That's the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers as probably
    all know.

    How did I stumble on the "fart be gone". Right time, wrong place?

    Leah, so, so happy your got your body outside and saw the pink blossoms.
    How sweet from seeds started long ago. Yes, you would have failed the
    first fatigue test and not gotten the $75. Sad. What they are wasting it on.

    Ok, LDN can cause nausea for awhile. So, I sat at home today wondering if
    my nausea was 1. sensory overload 2. LDN or 3. Cause I didn't drink any
    soda (it came to me that queasy stomach is one of the reasons I drink it.
    So, I drank some soda and took a bit of clon. And felt better after supper
    but that is usually my best time of the day. So will try it all again tomorrow.

    Very, very funny about telling the pushy ppl to see the realtor! Brilliant.

    Ok, this is the problem with my taking the peptide injections. Huz would have
    to drive me the night before since it is a 3 hour drive and the fasting. By
    the calendar year, we would have to start near the first of May and stop in
    Jan cause of his work. This year was out cause of the wedding. And his
    prostate appts an hour away in another direction.

    Things are just so complicated.

    Tomorrow I am going to get my body outside the house rain or shine. Nausea
    or not. We are out of watermelon.

    Cool thoughts to each one of you since it is summer :)
    Love you!!

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, yesterday was a busy day sorta. I had hoped to mail some checks
    and water the plants and write to my aunt. You will not be surprised to learn
    that I accomplished none of the above. I did walk and feed Zipper and wash
    dishes and bring in the trash buckets. As the old saying goes, "Half a loaf
    is better than nun. Which begs the question, would a nun live in a
    halfway house?

    Never heard of balsam flowers before, Freida. Found some pix on the net.
    They seem to come in a variety of shapes and colors. Also have a
    variety of names. Wikipedia says the ingreediments used to make
    ointments and creams come from several different plants called balsam.

    Along the same lines, we all know babies are found in the cabbage
    patch. It turns out, however, that Martin Balsam was not found in
    a balsam patch. You all remember the actor. Won a Tony and
    an Oscar. Played the detective in Psycho. Scariest movie I
    ever saw.

    Thanks for the info on computer soft drives. I have ordered one from
    The Sharper Image, Petco Division. It is guaranteed to withstand multiple
    virus attacks; it has nine lives.

    Linda, I know you are an avid student of history. I wonder if you have
    read the essay "Fart Proudly" by one of our founding fathers, Ben
    Franklin. He produced it during his years in France as our Ambassador.

    He said compared to his work, other scientific reports were not worth
    a farthing. (Note the pun in that sentence.)

    You are sortuv in a Catch 22 situation with your location. You need to
    move to be closer to your doctors, but you need to be healthier if
    you are going to go to all the trouble to move.

    Did ya know Catch 22 was originally Catch 18? The publisher changed
    the name because the book Mila 18 came out the same year. Didn't
    want the book reading public confusiated.

    And now that I have done my bestus to spread joy and confusiaion,
    I will try again to get some sleep.

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Will update a bit, then catch up on everyone and post again later today.

    Our lake weekend was miserably was 106-110, so the kids really did make good use of the lake to stay cool and have fun. I stayed in the camper, but it was so hot the airconditioner couldn't keep up, and the coolest it was inside was 86. Okay for me, but hot for everyone else! Hubby and the guys ran the grill, and our DDs did the rest. I enjoyed the grands and took my There were 20 of us (kids, grands and us), and we found out our youngest is expecting another. They're thrilled. To me it's great news, but such a worry with this world in such a disasterous mess!

    Anyway, since then I've been in and out of bed (mostly in). Have laundry caught up. Been working on the scrapbook for my sis with ALS. It's nearly done, and not to brag, but it's turned out suprisingly wonderful. Think Someone must have been guiding me....

    Everything here it burned to a crisp. No pasture; no lawns; no crops. The general color is dead yellow or brown :( Farmers will be selling their livestock and some will be losing their farms. We don't have a lot of cattle and hope to keep them, but are already feeding our winter supply of feed. So sad.

    Sent out some cards of encouragement to cancer patients this morning. I have a list I got from a person who was too busy to continue doing this, and try to do 5 every few weeks. A couple of them have become friends to me through snail mail; one I've never met. Another is now emailing me a couple times a month. It helps not only them, but me too.

    All for now. Hope to read the last volume and get back on to reply to everyone later today. Back to bed for now. Hugs......Jole
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Last time I checked in, there were almost no posts and now, an explosion of them. I'm glad to see so many Loungers here. I'm going to have trouble answering everyone because to go back to read posts, I'll have to go back two pages and that will wipe out what I've posted here. So, I'll post a bit and then keep editing what I have.

    Jole, glad the camping trip went well even if it was awfully hot. I just walked down to the pool to check some electrical work we had done and almost died from the heat and humidity out there. I miss camping but guess, like so many things, those days are over. Again, glad it was a good trip.

    Leah, it's so nice to be able to see what you've planted. It's through your own labors that these beautiful plants are growing. I'm glad the beans are doing so well. We planted Plumerias (sometimes called, Frangipangi) and one in front is blooming. They are beautiful and grow in Hawaii. They use the blooms for leis. All you have to do is cut off a limb and put it in a hole in the ground and they grow. Most amazing and exotic plant. Hope you get to feeling better.

    Linda, hope those sores get better. I know well the pain and problems eating with them. Funny, my Mom also dispensed the 7-Up for an upset stomach. A Coke would do if no 7-Up available.

    Pam, I hope once people can see just what is going up with the apts., they won't be discouraged. It's a good thing that there was no other neg. feedback. Selling a home is just plain ole stressful. Hope you get it sold with no problems.

    Rock, I'm impressed with Zippy's grasp of exterior decorating and ability to make a nice shady place for himself. I had one dog who never grasped the concept of lying in the shade. She would just lie in the sun and pant. When I first started working with computers, they called the computer, hardware; the programs, software; and the people who use them, fleshware. Not an attractive name.

    I slept in a deep, coma sleep all day yesterday. Tweety climbed on top of me and slept too. I was surprised that I needed that kind of sleep. I went to bed and fell into another deep sleep. My friend and neighbor woke me at 8:00 this morning and I was so groggy. I'm never like this. I also feel a bit of the anxiety creeping up on me. I know the shots are helping because the arthritis and Sjogren's symptoms are gone. The FMS pain is gone except for when I injure myself. Still, the total exhaustion is still with me. I am hoping the doc is right about it's being related to the fall. If that is the case, I should be feeling better soon. The infection in my knee wound probably isn't helping either. I clean it with hydrogen peroxide and put the salve on it. Think I'll use the zapper to help get rid of the infection. Infections can make us very tired too. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

    Take care, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
    [This Message was Edited on 07/19/2012]
  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've been reading and relaxing most of the week.It's either been to hot to move or raining out.Might go to the local club for dinner tonight if we can drag ourselves out of the house.

    Jole I have read several articles on the drought in your area.Spring started out so early to get a jump on planting only to have the fires and drought destroy everything.I feel terrible for all the hard working farmers who are going to have to struggle through this and many won't be able to.So glad your sisters book is turning out so well.
    Freida you have to go down steps to go outside?That must be a big obstacle to overcome just on it's own.Glad you managed to take a peek.
    Hope the canker is healing up for you Linda.Tomato season is here and I was glad to be able to partake.Mikie I hope all the rest you're getting leads you back to positive results from the injection.

    Rock love your puns and Zippy's antics with the blanket.
    Off to read some more.


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