Can Lyme be passed to baby?

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    My 3 year old daughter and I have been ill now for a while, and I am wondering if I already had Lyme when I was pregnant with her if she could have it too?
    We have so many similar symptoms, to name a few: food allergies, re-occurring infections, rashes, itchy skin, deep muscle and joint pain. Not to be gross, but we both have so much mucous. She will cough and cough until she throws up, and a bunch of mucous comes up and that is how I know when things begin to flare. I also have noticed that her bowel movements have mucous in them. We both tend to get worse in the winter months. She will usually get sick first, and I am okay for a few days until I get really sick too. She was on her first set of antibiotics about 2 months ago and I noticed huge improvement, until it built back up and made her sick again. I am on antibiotics now for a sinus infection, and I can say I feel about 85% better. Does this sound like Lyme? I have been told by others at the CFS/FM I might want to check into it. The problem with this entire thing is that it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and I dont even know where to begin.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you read the garbage churned out by the IDSA or Infectious Disease Society of America or as I like to call them Idiot Doctors of America - NO.

    This set of doctors is currently under investigation for setting treatment guidelines that ignored almost the entire body of evidence about what we know about Lyme.

    According to ILADS doctors the answer is yes. Here is some info about borreliosis:
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    Thanks for your reply. I find it very interesting you said you were underweight. I weighed 96 lbs about a year ago and became incredibly ill while treating for Candida. I found out really quick that wasn't the problem. I will definitely look more into this. I already spoke with my ND who said he can do a test to see if I have the B bacteria caused by Lyme.
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    Thanks for making me laugh about the Idiot Doctors of America!! I love that.
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    And to add- I was also extremely underweight at one time during this whole battle. I was accused of being a *closet bulimic* !!

    The food allergies are also a part of the Lyme, according to my LLMD.

    Go to

    You will get good info there, as well.
    Best of luck to you,
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    I went to Dr. Charles Crist's website. What good info!! He sounds like a very good doctor. I wish so bad I lived in MO!!!! The things he talks about and the symptoms he describes is me exactly. I am going to get tested first, and if it turns out that is the problem I am going to call his office and see if he knows anyone out in my area I can go see.
    Thanks again! I am actually really excited and have a good feeling that I can get some relief.
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    To see Dr C. I go from IL to MO. I've gone from 40-60% functioning to 95%. He even has a patient from London who flies across the pond to see him
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    I have read in several books that it can be passed to babies from the mother. I am so sorry your little one is sick! I will pray for your baby girl to get well!

    Take Care!
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    After years of suspecting a Lyme connection to my illness,
    I finally had my Lyme Disease confirmed by Igenex in Palo
    Alto, Ca. I've been treated for Hemachromatosis for about five years now. After feeling 3 or 4 times worse over the same
    amount of years, I decided to get some definition beyond
    the iron overload diagnosis. I lived in the Sierra for almost
    tens years and am convinced I contacted Lyme during that period.

    My Doctor in San Francisco indicated that if the protocol
    used by the Health Dept. had been done, the Lyme would never
    have been discovered. Although my test was an "out of pocket"
    $400.00, the money was well worth the knowledge attained!
    I do urge all to use the Igenex lab rather than a less com-
    prehensive and less reliable lab and protocol.

    My Daughter, now 30 y.o., has had confirmed Lyme for over
    12 years. Luckily there was early intervention and she has
    been able to pursue her educational goals and live a "normal" life. Don't let it go if you suspect Lyme. Get
    it defined to YOUR satisfaction and ease of mind!

    Your Friend,
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