Can Lyme cause this bad of PEM?

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    I went to the dr 10 days ago, 2 hours away, slept the whole way home then all afternoon, then slept 12 hours that night. The next day I napped.

    Yesterday, went to baseball game. Slept 14 hours, woke up for 1 hr, slept for 4 more, woke up now and got on the computer to do something really quick, then back to bed.

    I start Lyme meds tomorrow.

    My question, Can Lyme alone cause this bad of post external malaise?
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    Yes, it can cause that much post exertional malaise.

    My LLMD's wife (all 4 family members had lyme) said all she wanted to do was sleep.

    There are so many possible symptoms and we can all be affected a little differently.

    It also can depend on what coinfections you may have.

    Good luck with your Rx!

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    The issue I'm having is that I tried antibiotics before. 3 weeks, no herx just a raging yeast infection. I'm on Azitro 3 days on, 2 off, already a raging yeast infection.

    I'm on probiotics, yeast diet, diflucan. I can't do herbal because I have Interstitial Cystitis.

    I always question the Lyme because I was on Doxy/Zitro for 3 weeks and never felt better or worse.