can marine sting 3months ago cause muscle & nerve problems now?

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    About 3 months ago I was stung at the beach by a marine life. Unsure as to what it was. Have pain and muscle spasms since in left calf muscle. Then about 3 weeks ago, I noticed the same symptoms in the other calf muscle. Within the week the spasms and weakness had spread to upper thigh and arms. I have had muscle weakness and twitches in the arms and legs. I have been seen by my regular doctor and now a Neurologist, and have only had blood test and physical work up by these doctors. Every thing so far has checked out normal. I will see a Rheumatologist oct. 27. They seem to think it may be Fibromyalgia. Could this incident be related or could it be something else with the same symptoms as FMS? I'M HAVING AN MRI SAT. COULD THIS BE A BACTERIAL PROBLEM AND IF SO HOW CAN I TREAT IT? 10-5-04 SEEN A CHIROPRACTOR TODAY,SHE SAYS I HAVE SOME NERVE COMPRESION IN MY NECK AND LOWER BACK. WOULD THIS CAUSE THESE SYMPTOMS ? OR SHOULD I LOOK MORE TOWARD THE STING & BACTERIA, JUST TRYING TO FIND AN ANSWER!

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    i was stung by a lionfish 3 yrs ago, my health began to deteriorate immediately, i am still struggling, unable to work has been a major event, as it turns out, in my health, and life. I am still searching for answers, but know the "sting" was the event to all my nervous, and immune system are really struggling.

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    what type of symptoms did you have? were you diagn. with any type of problems related to the sting? i was stung at the beach off the coast of nc,so i don't think it was anything as bad as a lion fish. don't think they are in the atlantic ocean.
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    extreme fatigue/depression/ immune system really low/weight gain/memory concentration problems, on and on i could go, i had to quit my job, took 1 yr off, found a new job, worked for one year and now am currently have not worked the past 3 months.... this has effected every area of my life !!

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