Can Meds get us a DWI?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by opalgem, Sep 12, 2003.

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    I had a thought pop in my head regarding all the meds some of us are on. I keep reading about Fibromites being put on numerous medications for the thousands of symptoms that we seem to have. What I have a problem with is that disability claims are denied left and right. This leaves these same people with the problem of driving to and from work under the influence of drugs for pain, depression etc. Isn't this putting us and others on the road in danger? I am not on many meds myself, but the way this DD is headed I know I will be in the near future or not be able to move. Most meds make me extremely sleepy and I can feel the effects on my reactions etc.
    The other concern is CFS. Most mornings and afternoons I have to literally fight to stay awake behind the wheel. I come s close to dozing off that I look to see if I would hit anyone on a certain road and try to take back roads to avoid traffic (don't want to take anyone with me). My vision is also affected. I don't see things as they are sometimes and I have a real problem with lighting and shading. Going under a bridge for example, or the shades of a tree near the road. When it is raining it is the worst. I can barely make out lines in the road without straining and praying. I try and stick to one back route so I know it very well, but when fibro fog hits I can get lost on my own street let alone back roads. Riding with someone has not been an option as we are from all over and co-workers come from other areas. Did not mean for this to get this long. Anyway, does anyone else have these concerns and are we considered to be DWI? As you can probably tell, I worry alot!
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    Any substance which impairs a person while driving can get one a DWI. It is not safe to drive after taking some medications which impair our ability to be alert and react in a timely manner.

    Love, Mikie
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    That is what I am so confused about. How do they expect us to get to work and back safely and within the law when we are on all of these meds? Disability is denied so most of us are forced to continue working. These illnesses alone impair us enough let alone the meds. I was reading a post where someone was denied disability benefits because the meds had their condition under control. When I told my doctor (have a new one now) that I fight to stay awake at the wheel he just smiled and ignored the statement. I will not drive at all other than to work and back. There I have no choice at this time. I used to love to go for long drives. Now I am afraid to drive to the store. I am just struggling with this idea that so many people are put in this position because no one cares until something happens. Whenever a Poster talks about disability denial I want to scream. What is it going to take to make these judges see how desparate this situation can be? Sorry I am just very emotional today.