can mold and mercury fillings make you sick

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  1. andnat

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    has any one had any kind of recovery by having their silver fillings out. Ive done alot of reading saying this

    can be a possible cause for cf. I have also heard that living in a moldy house or even being exposed to mold can bring on cf.

    A book worth reading and has been some help to me is From Fatigue to Fantastic any one heard of it?
  2. HagerTX

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    I had my amalgam fillings removed in 2004. Noticed nothing one way or the other. Others may disagree but I doubt there is any CFS-filling connection. I think a LOT more people would be/would have been sick if this were the case.

    Mold may be a culprit--does your place have a bad mold problem? If so, do you feel noticeably worse when you are in the house?
  3. andnat

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    Moved into a new house with a mold problem we cleaned it up

    really good. 2 weeks later I was sick and have been ever snice. coincedence I dont know.
  4. code34me

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    Andnat I have been wondering the same thing lately! My Chiro did some kenseology (SP?) on me and said I was allergic to mercury and mold and asked if I had any fillings? I said yes a mouth full! That got me thinking! And we have a mold problem in our bathroom where my toddler tends to flood the floor and the water goes between the lanolium and the tub. You can see the mold under the lanolium and it is coming up in the space between the tub and the floor. So this has got me thinking also!

    My son has bad allergies he takes Zyrtek everyday and I have been asking my husband to fix the mold problem but.... he is to busy at work. So I thought about doing it myself but am afraid of cooties (mold)!

    I will be looking for reply's to this subject too!

    Take care of you! Codey
  5. Bambi

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    mainly effects my Asthma. As for the fillings there are many opinions on it. Most researchers say there isn't enough Mercury there to harm anyone. We get it in a lot of vaccines including the flu shots every year. I know I have a pretty good chunk of it in my rear, deep in, that shows up on exrays..from an old shot of some kind. They couldn't take it out. So I'd avoid it when possible but I doubt I'd worry about fillings. It's in the air and water now, so it's next to impossible to avoid it.
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  6. darude

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    I believe so
  7. 69mach1

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    to see if it is the fms/cfs/or ms....if you need them replace when the time comes then do it then...if you do so happen have insurance then they will cover the expense of it...other wise yo could be just be throwing your money down the drain hoping for a cure that will never happen....

    i have had a handful of dental patients tell me and the dentist what they had done...because they were told it would get rid of their ms..well 10K later still had the ms or other problems they had always before......

    but the mold that needs to get out of the home...that is one reason why i am moving...if i get my apartment that is...

    i have it in windows, bathrooms...and it is in the walls...

    not healthy for anyone....causes health problems, forgetfulness...and a slew of others..

    ire someone if you can not do yourself or have hubby do it..

    google black mold...and show him..this affects him as well

  8. auntyemnga

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    I believe in mercury amalgams causing problems. There have been a lot of posts debating the subject. Mold also causes problems.

    See if you can check out 'Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness' by Burton Goldberg from your local library. I read the book 5 years ago and was convinced that mercury was my problem. However, I was unable to find a doctor who used bioresonance testing.

    I have suffered tremendously since 2001 and finally went on disability 12/02/05. I am currently seeing an internal medicine physician who uses Field Control Therapy (FCT). I don't feel better yet but my blood work shows that my adrenal glands are improving. The doctor is actually using chelation therapy to rid my body of mercury. It was all through my body organs (bone marrow, kidneys, liver, etc.).

    I get tested again tomorrow and I hope he'll tell me I'm ready to get my fillings replaced. Once again, there are posts on here for pro and con regarding getting them replaced. However, I'm at the point where I had to take matters into my own hands because mainstream medicine wasn't doing anything for me.

    If you search for Field Control Therapy under title you can read about what I've been going through. I have not currently updated it because I got discouraged due to having problems with my short term disability insurance.

    I also follow a strict candida yeast diet.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to go with!

  9. painandagony

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    I didn't notice any change/improvement in my symptoms.