Can my FMS become CFS too?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CASA02, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. CASA02

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    I have CFS since 96 - diagnosed, treated by Rheumie since 96, SSI approved in 2000, continue with treatment with same Rheumie - fair days, flare weeks, almost homebound at this point, but still "fighting the good fight" but losing stamina and desire - within last year, my pain symptoms have stabilized at about 4 or 5 except for flares that occur about 5 times a year for 10 days or so - BUT, I am becoming more and more exhausted and "worn-out" - I try not to think that I might be adding CFS - I have attributed it to the FMS and the constant fight for normalcy (whatever that is) I rest, pace myself, but I no longer have the stamina to grocery shop, clean house, laundry - I do one thing such as wash dishes and then to bed or chair for hours - can FMS also wear one down from exhaustion as well as pain - any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated
  2. CASA02

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    thanks for the input - at this point, I think I am doing everything I can with exercise, meds, vitamins, etc etc - so I will just continue to watch this wonderful board for posts and suggestions that I might try and try to find some balance to living with this disease instead of letting it take full control - that sounds very philosophical (spelling?), but it is the only choice we have, isn't it? I think I am just having a "poor me" day -
  3. MamaDove

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    When I was finally diagnosed in 2004, my rheumy wrote on my chart the following;

    Severe FMS and CF NO MORE WORK

    I watched as he wrote this and you bet I questioned the 'CF' part...

    His response was "You have CHRONIC FATIGUE, not the syndrome"

    I had heard the term CFS before when researching Fibro but never looked into it because it never seemed 'real' to me...

    I guess that's why I cried like a baby when he gave me the final diagnosis...Knowing that having this is sometimes only half the battle...The rest is living with it and having others around you understand it...Hasn't been easy so far for most of us, if not all...

    Now when I go over the symptoms of CFS, I am concerned about the ones I have...FMS has been Progressive and worsening for me too...I feel like I am going on 89 instead of 39...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  4. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    I had CFS symptoms for a couple of years before it became severe with FMS symptoms. I believe that CFS & FMS are the same illness.

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