can my gp order these tests?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pasara, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. pasara

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    i was wondering about having vitamin D, cortisol, and B12 levels tested. can these be done by my regular doctor?
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    Yep, your GP can definitely run those- those are very basic tests ... I've had nurse practitioners (Family and Psychiatric) order them, MDs order them, and naturopathic (not general med) doctors order them.

    Good luck! They are good starting tests! Excellent self-care advocacy you are doing. :)

    Do you think you might have adrenal fatigue?
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    Just a word on the cortisol - there is a blood test for cortisol which will only rule out Addison's disease. If you want to know if you have adrenal fatigue then you will need to ask for the adrenal stress index saliva test. Diagnostech do this test.

    B12 - mine showed up as high as I am takin gB12 sublingual so would be good to find out if you need to avoid supplements for how many days so you get an accurate reading too.
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    pasara and jofms: I actually just got my cortisol salvia test results back and I'm apparently below normal for at least half the day. Diagnos Techs were the people I sent my vials to ... did the test at home (put cotton under my tongue 4 times a day) .. very easy.

    We did a cortisol blood test on me in December (thinking that my levels might be too high, hahahaha) and all I remember hearing is I was normal.

    So I strongly recommend the 4 times a day saliva test NOT the one-time blood test, because apparently that does not give a full picture of what's going on- I agree with jofms!!
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    thanks for your replies everyone.

    yes, i was especially confused about the cortisol, as the one i am familiar with as far as being the best one to do is the saliva test that is done several times in a day. i have always heard about this being sent away for, so i was confused.

    and actually i think i still am. is it only the blood test that can be done in office? or can the doctor order the saliva one as well?

    the reason is that i cannot afford to pay for the tests myself and am thinking that in office may be covered at my GP's clinic, which works on a sliding fee scale.

    also, re cortisol, what can be done with this information? if cortisol levels indicate adrenal exhaustion, is there a specific treatment? besides just the knowing, what is the advantage to having the specific test as far as treatment if you are already working with supplements and lifestyle to strengthen adrenals?

    thanks for your insights
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  7. ellikers

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    pasara: the advantage of having the test in my opinion is to now where you are at- how are they functioning. You can't necessarily guess about what state your glands are in (for example, I'm not a very typical case and was convinced I didn't have it prior to getting my results back).

    The treatment for adrenal fatigue is usually to take something to rebuild/heal the adrenal glands (like a supplement made of animal adrenal glands), improve nutrition and take vitamins if need be and cut out as much stress from your life as possible (develop good boundaries, avoid people who emotionally and physically exhaust and upset you) etc.

    You can look it up online by searching "adrenal fatigue" + treatment.

    That's what I'm currently investigating! I'll let you know if anything works really well for me since that's what I'm starting to get treated for now.