can never catch a break

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, May 25, 2006.

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    It seems I've just been snowballing lately. Everything is going wrong. I'm in the WORST CFS flare ever. The fevers are constant, I get soooo achey, the fatigue is awful, I'm always nauseous, feeling so weak, and now, I've had very bad low-back pain for days. I don't remember doing anything to it, and I know it's not from lifting patients at work, because I haven't had to do much lifting really. So, I've been in so much pain from my back and just feeling so sick all the time. It's extremely discouraging, especially when I had done so well for a few months. And now, I'm just a mess.

    I really wish the fevers would go away. They make the fatigue seem 10 times worse, and the fatigue being so bad makes the fevers worse. It's like an endless cycle of fevers and fatigue. I'm supposed to be enjoying my summer off from nursing school, and I thought without the added stress of school I'd feel better. However, I seem to be getting worse instead of better.

    Hugs to all,
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    i ahve been there too. i was woking 3 jobs and was so tired and achy it was imposible to do much. i was a mental health tec. and i was out stright. i had to quit 2 jobs, and i had 4 kids to feed, clothe, and support.
    i totaly know how you feal and i give you abig pat on the back. you deserve it!!