Can not share with you the whys of her marriage problem

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I am in tears as i write this to all. I love my daughter and I know what is going on and why she can't stand up to her husband and tell him what she needs & that it is he who needs to understand her and love her no matter what problems may have gone on in this marriage. I can't tell you the reason why I know the problem but I do as I Lived it with her what little she would let me share with her.

    I ask that you just support her and understand that while I need in my heart to share this with you I can't do it as I promised her I would not repeat any thing that has gone on in her life.

    I know that I am leaving you with a big BLAANK and wondering what has happeed to this youg lady and while I would tell you she as asked me to keep my mouth shut as I have this disease I tell everyone every thing all the time and it really gets me in some deep trouble. So This is all that I can say. I am sorry that I can't include you and get your adive.

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  2. TAM

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    Hello I wish you and your daughter all the best. She is lucky to have you looking out for her. Take care.
  3. tejanya

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    all we can do is pray and leave them in His hands. psalm 112, to pray over children. i use it regardless of thier age. we will always have unconditionl love for them. when we stand in intercession, we do not necessarily need to know the what-fors. just stand together and believe for the recieving and ps 68:19, abundant blessings. ya just never know what He has written in our girls books. i choose to believe it is good.
    at this writing my daughter had her court date postponed. that means it isn't finished. Neither is God.
  4. Astarte

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    assuming she has no children or you'd take any action needed to care for them. That's one plus?

  5. tejanya

    tejanya New Member

    but there is not much i can do. she is with someone that she thinks will care for her and her kids, but he does not work. if he has been, it has only been maybe 2 weeks. that is since they met in feb. she just called and thinks i am wrong to not allow him at my home. he yells and screams and threatens me when he is drinking and i do not need that. something will happen (not to the girls) and he and her will end up with the kids in dhs. that's ok. we have a friend that will help us get them. yeah!!!
    i have to give her the benefit of being a better parent, but i do not believe that will happen. too much stress for me. but i will take those babies in a heart beat, but it has to be done legally.

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