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    Hello out there again. I am station over here in Honolulu Hawaii. At first the sun and heat was great until I came down with CFS. Now I hide inside with the AC on and off 24 hrs a day with very, very little sleep. When I need to go out in the sun I put all this sun block, hat, sun glasses and stand in the shade as much as I can and some how I end up with sun burn. I never had this problem before. I always taned nice. Is this normal? Also my other question is when I leave this island and come back to the main-land, like North Eastern Ohio area, will I be able to take the cold with this illness?

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    I cannot tolerate the heat. I live in New England so have weathered many winters at my ripe age of 61.

    I tolerate cold winters better than hot summers. I even enjoy a little cross country skiing.

    The trick is controlling your body's climate, keeping muscles warm, for example the cross country skiing keep everything warm, but I could not tolerate standing on a street corner waiting for the bus.

    Dressing in layers, keeping comfortably warm and dry.

    At home, we have cathedral ceilings and of course heat rises which helps in the summer. Winter heating costs went through the roof. Now when I am doing housework, I am comfortable. When I watch tv, I chill. So I pop the herbal packs in the microwave, I have one that goes from the small of my back to my neck. That keeps me warm while I am sitting, without turning the thermostat up.

    So, it is all in controlling the environment immediately around me.

    When it is too is just bloody too hot.

    Fondly, June
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    Are you on meds? They could be causing the sunburn. Most meds do this, even OTC ones.

    Like June, I find the cold more manageable than the heat as one can wrap up in layers, use heated blankets etc.

    I always thought (clearly incorrectly) that Honolulu was moderate climate being maritime.

    Oh those things you can wear on your neck with cie in them, that is said to help, plus we wet our hats and hair. You can get wrist and ankle cooler bands too. These may help.

    Can you request a transfer. I take it you are in the service?

    I just looked at your profile. So yes, air force. I too am a Brit, living in USA, married to a "yank", tell your wife I love Oxford and I am from Cheshire, though lived in Cornwall (near Fammouth), and Jersey.

    See if you can get posted to the Pacific North West, like Whidbey Island. The climate is a lot like the UK and your wife would love it. They have navy/air force bases there.

    Love Anne
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    I know how you feel with the heat!

    I burn so easily in the sun that I hate it now lol.

    I used to tan real good like you did but now I just burn and get that prickly heat rash.

    I suffer sooo much with burning all day and night that I feel as though I will spontaneously combust some days lol.

    I really feel for you having to go through this and can only say try everything that you can to stay cool!!!!

    Keep head wet and use cold flannels out of fridge (if possible)or ice packs.

    It is one of the worst symptoms for me to cope with and I actually live in UK were we dont really have hot weather so I do feel bad for you going through it.It is ssooooo draining and makes you so exausted.

    Good Luck Jeff!!

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