Can Ritalin Jump Start the Mitochondria in CFS?

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    Can Ritalin Jump Start the Mitochondria in CFS?

    In the Past…

    Stimulants have often been prescribed by doctors to treat patients with fatigue but have been less than completely effective and can cause unpleasant side effects (headaches, anxiety, etc.). Doctors have also tried prescribing nutritional supplements to improve energy production. Neither approach alone has provided the long-term benefits sought by patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

    A New Approach…

    In a new study, Ritalin® plus a highly potent nutritional formula, is being utilized to “jump start” the mitochondria significantly increasing its ability to generate energy.

    This innovative hybrid therapy has been previously tested in several dozen CFS patients with impressive preliminary results. Patients have reported a rapid decrease in fatigue and brain fog symptoms and the treatment has been well tolerated.

    The Complete Explanation…

    K-PAX Pharmaceuticals has recently posted a webcast providing details about this exciting new treatment and the early data that has been collected.

    Click here to view the webcast:

    The Synergy Trial is currently testing this unique hybrid treatment in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Over 100 CFS patients have already been enrolled.

    More information on the Synergy Trial:
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    Hi Danya- I think that mitochondrial dysfunction in cfs/fm is very clear and correlates to the severity of cfs/fm. The worse the mitochondrial dysfunction the worse the symptoms. I also think treating mitochondrial dysfunction is very important. The more important question that needs to be asked and answered I think is, "what is causing the mitochondrial dysfunction?"

    Why are toxins building up in the mitochondria and causing mitochondrial dysfunction to begin with? Carnitine, co-q10, and creatine are all made through the help of the methylation cycle. These nutrients are crucial to the protection and function of the mitochondria. When they are low, the mitochondria cannot function as well, and they become dysfunctional.

    When the methylation cycle is slow, levels of carnitine, co-q10 and creatine drop as well as glutathione levels. Glutathione is the most important and powerful anti-oxidant inside the mitochondria. So when glutathione is low, as well these other nutrients, from slow methylation, the mitochondria take a big hit from oxidative stress.

    I believe it's poor methylation, leading to these deficiencies that causes the mitochondrial dysfunction and needs to be addressed as the cause of the mitochondrial dysfunction. I had been treating mitochondrial dysfunction for about a year and had no improvement until I started going up on the methylation supplements I was taking. That's when I had I huge jump in energy, and my health is the best it's been in many years. Best of luck to you! Jim

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