can sinus pressure be this bad or is it also fibro related?

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    I posted this on the sinusitis board but have no responses. Plus I have fibro, so I wonder if anyone with fibro/CFS deals with this also.

    I am currently going through a terrible time with a sinus infection. I had one at the beginning of the year, and now this one has been going on for a couple of months. I am currently being treated with the antibiotic Omnicef, nasonex, claritin and I alternate ibuprofen and tylenol for the pain. The pain in my neck and shoulders is also bad, but maybe fibro related. I bought the nasal rinse Netipot, but have not tried it yet.

    I just feel scared because the pressure is so intense I feel like my head is literally going to explode and I have a hard time settling down to sleep because I cannot get comfortable and I am very anxious due to these sensations. Pressure in my ears, daily terrible headaches, I can breathe through my nose fine, but feel the fluid clogging my ears, low grade fever, etc. The first round of antibiotics did not work, so they are continuing two more weeks of the Omnicef because I thought I had an allergic reaction to the Augmentin. (rash, welts on trunk of body in blotches and lines). But since going back on the Omnicef I am still having a smaller version of the rash, and no relief whatsoever.

    I am scheduled for a CT scan of the sinuses after my antibiotics are finished to see if there are any obstructions like nasal polyps, cyst, etc.

    I feel scared, my quality of life is very diminished since I can't get good sleep, my head pressure is off the charts, I am so very tired and it is hard to function.

    Does anyone else experience this much interference with their life due to sinus problems. And any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kim :)
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    Sinus pain is horrible. I got very bad respiratory infection right now to. Started in my sinus then migrated down to my chest.
    Neck and shoulder pain or also FM related. Your sinus infection
    probably caused your FM to flare up.
    Chronic sinusitis is terrible. I done every thing I can to fight it even had sinus surgery. Which I don't recommend. The surgery
    didn't help at all.
    Try to get as much rest as you can . I try to sleep with my head raised up on a few pillows. Use a saline spray solution as much as you can. It's just a salt water spray (Ocean brand or generic). This is just something that you just got to wait it through . If the antibotic work then it was bacterial if not then it probably viral and no pill going to help a viral infection.
    Are you seeing an ENT doctor? And have they run blood test
    for possible autoimmune problems. Chronic sinus problems is a symtom in a lot of autoimmunities.

    lets us know how the CT scan goes.
    Wish you the best ,

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    I have allergies and used to get migranes from them. I even took allergy shots. I recently found out I gring my teeth at night and have tmj. This can cause swelling of the sinus, headch, back, pain etc from pinched nerves from the swelling tissues. The nettie pot will definitly help. I would start out with a half pack of solution per nostril. I would alos invest in a night guard which helps immensly. My massage therapist put on gloves and goes into my mouth to release those muscle, hurts when she does it but it has made a worl of difference. You may want to talk to your dr about taking an antihitimine if allergies are ivloved as well. Allegra is the only one I can tolerate and I only take the allegra not the Allegra D. I can not tolerate the sudaphed in it - horrible stuff. Hope this helps
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    If you can bring up some of my old post on sinus please read. I sure can relate to the misery you are going through. I also had vertigo, off balance with mine.

    I did see an ENT , as my sinus problems seem to be chronic, I will be on an antibiotic get to feeling better then in a few months its back. This last round , which I have just gotten over, lasted for over 2 months and I was mostly bedridden for a month or more. The first antibiotic , Ceftin , reacted on me after about the 5th day, then was given Clindmycin took it for about 3 days and felt like I was losing my mind. So I stopped it.

    I have anxiety /depression anyway and during this time I truly thought I was ready for the mental ward.

    When I felt I couldn't take the antibiotic anymore I went back to the ENT and he said my infection was 90% better so just to use the saline nasal rinse and take vit. C 1000 mg. That is what I have been doing but have the fear it is returning cause I have been waking up with a slight headache but seems to go away once I am up.

    I didn't use the neti-pot but did irrigate with the baby bulb I used 1/4 tsp. soda, 1/4 tsp. seasalt in about 1/2 cup of warm water. I am doing this weekly now hoping to not go thru this again.

    You need to take your meds. use the saline, I use "Simple Saline" it has no preservatives in it. Drink plenty of fluids, no sugar, and REST.

    I do hope you feel better soon and yes I think the sinus and FM are related someway. I never had sinus problems until the CFS/FM.

    Yes, I have great interference with my life due to sinus, in fact the sinus has caused me more problems than the fibro. Oh, the nasonex and claritin made my ears so much worse, I couldn't use either. I did have the allergy testing and they were ok. Have you been tested for allergies?

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    I wanted to let everyone know what I have found out about sinusitis. I have suffered from recurring sinus "infection" all of my life. It causes pain and unrelenting fatigue. A former wholistic doctor recommended the Netti pot or something similar with goldenseal herb in the saline solution (I use SinuCleanse from the drugstore). This helped A LOT, but didn't always totally clear it up. It did seem to also keep the next infection away though.

    I recently read a research study that said that a high percentage of sinus infections are actually yeast infections. Wow! A light bulb went off! Because the more antibiotics you take the more you are subjecting yourself to yeast infections. I now use a solution of SinuClear, goldenseal and tea tree oil to irrigate my sinuses at least once per day. The results are amazing. Fatigue much improved, and clearer head.

    You do need to be VERY CAREFUL about not adding too much tea tree oil to the solution. It is potent stuff and can burn the sinus cavity. I only use a few drops to 12 oz. of liquid.

    I hope this helps someone.


  6. shelbo

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    Are you sure you son't also have chemical sensitivity..

    I'm sorry but I've found nothing that's horrendous and I empathise with you.
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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your replies, they have been very helpful, I got a second opinion from another dr. who still has me on the antibiotics, a decogestant, and a saline rinse. I have been using the Ocean Spray the last couple of days and have noticed an improvement. :)

    Daylight, sorry you have a respiratory infection. I have had the sinus surgery also many years ago and I definitely do not want to go through that again. If I had to I would, but I will try everything I can to avoid it. I do sleep with my head raised also, that helps. Depending on how this round of antiobiotics goes will determine if I go to the ENT or not. I have had some improvement in the last two days, yea! Enjoy your day and feel better. :)

    Floridagrl, TMJ, ugh! I know that is part of the problem too with the pain in my jaw and down my neck. I don't think I grind my teeth at night, but maybe? The new dr. gave me Allegra D also, but said I can take the sudafed if I want. Hopefully I wouldn't have the side effects, sorry it didn't work for you. I'm glad the Allegra works though. Thanks. :)

    Greatgran, it sounds like you have been dealing with sinus issues for a long time, sorry! Thanks for referring me to your old posts. I know anxiety doesn't help the sitution and adds to the headaches. I am using the saline now and it is helping. I stopped the nasonex and claritin, because I do not feel like they were helping at all. The decogestant and saline rinse make more sense to me. Hope you are having a pain free day. :)

    Astroherb, I recently read somewhere about the yeast and sinus infections also. I think it is a good theory. Yeast wreaks havoc on our bodies! I'm glad you found some relief and I appreciate the information. Thanks :)

    Shelbo, thanks for the post. I am being tested for allergies, I hope it provides some answers. Sorry you have had a rough time with your sinuses. I hope some of these posts have helped you too. Have a good day. :)
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    Hi Boltchick, you may want to check the board for my message, atlas profilax...still searching. I never knew fibro and sinus problems were related. Hope you can get some relif soon, Steenlynn.
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    Oh Geez! I have it constantly and for ages. Nothing ever worked. The best I came with is a combination of an anti-inflamatory, caffeine cola, with an ice pack 20 mins. on then 20 mins. off. Then I spray salt walter drops in my nose. This is my best remedy but, it is only temporary. I usually go through at three/four rounds of antibiotics a year. I've heard many reasons for the causes over the years but, nothing made a difference. I also have RA, OA and Fibro. Good Luck dear. I know how miserable you feel. If you want the brand names I use, you can send me an email.
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    Oh you bet sinus pressure can be "this bad."

    Belaboring some stuff you already know about the d'd, sinus issues, sore throat, fever are just a few of the things that come along with all the rest of the symptoms.

    I see in your post that you've bought a Neti pot for nasal irrigation.

    Good idea. The penny pincher here uses a 10cc veterinary syringe (no hypo-needle attached, of course) because I thought it would give me better control over just how much water goes in, how fast, etc. Besides that it's cheaper and if I wear it out or it breaks it's lots easier to find a replacement.

    A couple times a more because of possibility of nasal irritation...I have been adding precisely 2 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract to the 10cc warm-to-hottish water that the syringe helps me pour through my nose.

    Side note: I also add 10 drops GSE to a largish glass of water and drink that once a day. I've been doing this for a long time, have seen no adverse effects, and have kept the sinus woes, sore throat, and some of the "I have a fever-feeling but am still below MY normal" away since around June of this year.
    Truth, got to tell it: there was a relapse. I oopsed and brushed my teeth/gargled with a totally wrong for me thing. Something got upset, that's for sure. Instant bang back into the very things I'd kept away from me by using the GSE.

    Got back on the right path and haven't had any problems with sinus and the rest of the associated dreck since then.

    Just a thought ...

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    I have terrible sinuses, or at least in the past. While vacationing in Hawaii, I came down with it, went to an ENT and he wouldn't give me antibiotics. He told he to go down to the beach, lie down, and let the water wash in and cover me up, or to go down and swim, letting the stuff get in my nose but hold my breath. To my astonishment, it worked. It flushed out the stuff and my sinuses opened up and the pain went away.

    I read an article in the NYTimes last week about an American ENT doctor of Indian descent who sells a nasal levage device which is not a neti pot. It is a plastic bottle, to which one ads water, and then a powder which creates an isotonic solution. Then, a straw is added to the top of the bottle and one can gently wash out a particular sinus by inserting the straw. He maintains, and since he often sells it through doctors, that the gentle pressure directly into the sinus is more effective than neti pots, and gives one better control.

    One may have to keep up a routine to keep them from recurring, but I managed to get rid of the pain, and clear the sinuses without an antibiotic, and now I lavage the sinuses when I feel something coming on. MUCH CHEAPER, TOO.
  12. Beadlady

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    using only l spray instead of 2 works better for me. Its like 2 sprays was too much.

    I've been having some terrible headaches and can't figure out quite what the problem is--could be the dreaded sinus infection??
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    It seems like everyone I know with chronic fatigue, fibro and lupus have sinus/allergy issues. They almost seem to have the sinus allergy stuff first, then later in life realize they have the fibro/fatigue and then the sinus/allergy stuff gets worse.
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    I just wanted to come back and thank each and every one of you for your replies. I read all of your suggestions and comments and I really appreciate them. It's late and I am out of energy, unfortunately back to not feeling well today. So, please forgive me for not answering each post personally, I usually do. I get the allergy blood tests tomorrow, so I hope to find some answers soon. Thanks so much, you are all very kind. Kim :)
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    I have had some really great relief lately from Xazal. It helps with sinus drip. I used to get sore throats, pressure, headaches, etc. That would turn into sinus infections. I haven't had one for months with this stuff. Only 5 mg a day... tiny little pill.

    Good luck finding relief. Everything little bit helps!