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  1. Maryfibro2004

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    I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis of the keens I have appleid for SSDI and have a hearing on June 8th. We got a cd in the mail. He is getting it all done but I dont Know if i will get the help i need? what happens if i dont get it I have been fighting them so long I am just to tried to do it aging?
  2. gapsych

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    I have private disability but wanted to let you know there is a sticky at the top of the front page and also a disability board.

    I think it is really important to focus on how this has impacted your life.

    Good luck and I am sure you will get some responses from people who have been through this with SSDI.

    Take care.


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  3. Maryfibro2004

    Maryfibro2004 New Member

    Thank you

  4. bobbycat

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    That you write down as much as you can about what you cannot do on a daily basis look on this site under SSD and other sites. I did get it on my first try but I have numerous things wrong with me and I had the backing of numerous doctors. If you could get a letter from your doctor or any of your doctors that would help. If you have a good relationship with your DR'S ask them and tell them what you are doing if you haven't already. Any little thing that you cannot do right it down. They even asked me if I could feed my dogs and cat or let them out to the bathroom. Which most of the time I don't my husband does and we have a dog door. They do expect you to be pretty much bedridden. If they think you can function for any length of time they will consider you able to work part time. Good luck to you. I did not have to go through a hearing and I only recieve on back check so I lucked out that is if u can consider being this sick lucky. Good luck and be prepared.
  5. Maryfibro2004

    Maryfibro2004 New Member

    No lawer but My husben is helping.
    Thank you

  6. Maryfibro2004

    Maryfibro2004 New Member

    Thank you need all the good luck i a can get

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