Can someone answer these ques?

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  1. hazygal

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    I suffer from severe crushing fatigue I only have CFS

    1)What are these meds/or if they are meds?

    2)Where do I get them? Should I ask for them from my regular prac? Or from my Neuro?

    3)What is each one for? Especially with someone who has CFS


    B-12 Injections
    Armour Thyroid
    Adrenal Prep
    CO Q10
    Transer Factor

    Pls help and tx in advance
  2. Jen F

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    B-12 Injections - avail at your docs office or maybe a Naturopath. My Naturopath recommends full B complex, not just B12 and to inject in buttocks rather than arm for better absorption.

    - can help with fatigue and nerve pain. Doesn't always help everyone, but some people have noticeable benefit.

    Armour Thyroid - avail at pharmacy I hear. I think that one is by rx.

    - can help improve thyroid functioning and therefore increase energy and body temp.

    DHEA - I don't take this but have heard good things. Someone I know here in Canada said helped her tremendously [with energy and cognition I think?]. She purchased a very specific high quality brand from the US -- maybe a Teitelbaum recommendation. I'm not sure.

    Adrenal Prep - I get something from my Naturopath to support adrenals.

    CO Q10 - Health food store, or in my case from my Naturopath.

    - is a powerful antioxidant, supposed to help with energy production in the cells cause is needed by the mitochondria, if I remember correctly. I don't notice an amazing difference, but I take it anyway. My fatigue is not greatly improved, but I haven't had a cold or flu in a awhile, so maybe my supplements are helping.

    Transer Factor
    Phytisone - don't know this one.

    Others will be able to give you more info, or you can use the search feature for each item.

    Have a nice day!

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