Can someone explain about sugar?

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    I have read that several people on this board have quit all sugars. I could use some help understanding this.

    How can a person eliminate ALL sugars? I just checked a few things....cheese slices, mayonnaise, sour cream, catsup, orange juice and other juices, multi-grain muffins, dried fruit, frozen vegetables, canned soups, and I'm sure there's many more things, all state that they contain "sugars".

    If you're eliminating all sugars, what in the world are you still eating? I've thought about trying this, but I am not a good cook, my husband would never go along with it, and I can't afford to cook separate things for him and for me. In addition, I just can't figure out enough foods that don't have sugar. Even fruit has natural sugars. Does this count, too? I know it counts with my Dad's diabetes.

    Also, someone wrote that in order to compensate for extra weight gain from medicines, that a person should eat more protein and less carbohydrates.

    If you eliminate sugars, which apparently means eliminating a lot of foods that are good for you, and you eat less carbohydrates, which means less vegetables, which are also good for you, then what is left to eat besides meat? Red meat is the one thing that scares me, because we have heart disease in the family, and I'm not yet ready to believe Dr. Adkins about how it can't hurt if his diet is followed.


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    You may want to also compare the "No-Grain Diet" by Dr. Joseph Mercola. I personally haven't tried it, but I think Dr. Mercola is really up on the latest when it comes to preventative medicine/nutrition. Do a search on Amazon for his book, or check out his website (his last name + dot com).

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    Hi Kathy,

    I don`t go along with these strict diets, like you say, what`s left to eat?

    I think if you develop a NO refined sugar and LOW bread (wholemeal), NO pasta diet, that should be enough to do it.

    You should be OK on anything that comes naturally really, unless you are allergic to it, just everything in moderation and as much variety as poss.

    I have heard many say seeing a kneisologist worked wonders for them. Not expensive either. About £25 here in England.

    Love Pat.
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    The key to diet, is to avoid Processed Sugars and Flours...for one thing due to the processing themselves they are pretty devoid of nutrients. Whole, natural foods are the best for us, all in moderation. Get rid of the ready to eat variety, with all the processed sugars, flours, and additives and use good greens, veggies, fruits, and a small portion of meat, definitely limiting red meat, in my book. People in the US consume more meat than most other countries. Try using fish, and other alternative proteins. I know there are some big proponents of the Atkins diet here. I for one can not do it because of compromised kidneys. Even if my health didn't bar me from it, I still would not do it.

    Those with acidity problems will not be able to correct them on a high meat diet.

    As I said eliminate the processed sugars (not fruits) stay away from fruit drinks as compared to fruit juices with no added labels, better yet, make your own juices, there are some wonderful recipes for juices and slushes, and the such, much healthier...One can make their own condiments and reduce the refined sugars greatly.....and the non beneficial carbs...the carbs that are junk food carbs....stay away from those....entirely. Homemade soups are by far superiour to canned, much more full of nutrients, and devoid of additives, and really don't take long to prepare.
    This is my idea of health eating. By the way, if you can, shop organic on your fruits and veggies. Many with FM/CFS have multiple chemical sensitivities, or are more prone to develop them. I know our energy levels aren't high, but we can have a daily project of cooking a few nutritious meals with our kids/spouse freezing them, and just microwaving to heat during the hectic work week.

    Best wishes, LL
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    Do a websearch for "syndrome X" and you will find a wealth of info that will explain this much better than any of us here can. :)
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    Dear Kathy, I have had FM for over 30 years and have recently started the quiafensen which you have probably heard about. Well this protocol takes you back through many of the aches, pains, and fatigue I had in the beginning and this plus sugar was about to do me in. I'd been on thequia for 4 months and my weight went up to and past my most recent weight loss, I had lost 25 # following a lo carb diet and I believe I've tried them all.Started in 1974 doing weight watcher in Scotland where we were stationed for three yrs. Then after that gained almost all of it back and then each 10 yrs I find myself adding another 25#, and I always wondered how I would ever gain control again of my addiction to sugar. There is book called the Sugar Blues, and it describes how sugar can cause muscle pain, fatigue,mood swings and irritability and these are also signs and symptoms of FM.Logically you would think a sane person would not want to keep abusing themselves by continuing to add to the problem.I truly believe I am a sugar(carbohydrate)addict because I have all the symptoms.Another place to find out about sugar and how it effects FM is to read a book by Dr St. Amand,M.D., called What You Doctor may NOT tell you about FM, he also explains how sugar affects us.
    Well I should stop myself before I write a book, I have recently started a new program of eating which is similar to Atkins but with many more carbs and when you plateau, you actually can eat more using a certain criteria, to speed up metabolism, and then go back to the beginning again until you plateau.The one main component to all the diets I have tried have revolved around controlling carbs, and this means also startches and fruits which break down into sugars.My latest plan is called CURVES written by Gary Heavin and Carol Colman. Gary founded Curves international. They have them all over the world and I just needed to find another way to beat the sugar blues, help my depression,fatigue and not have pain.
    All of this to say that for me sugar has been big problem for me, and I couldn't seem to conquer it and I am now only 4 days on my new plan and feel much better, also have worked out 2 times at the curves center and the machines they use are fantastic, nothing like the typical gym and its like circut traing and aerobics excercise combined for a gentle and effective workout. Thanks for listening to me babble but all of this really has to do with sugar for me. Good Luck in your quest for answers.

    Love Nancy