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    I have read in several posts that they have FMLA in place for their jobs and having to miss work due to these illnesses.

    I was just wondering what this does for you and how you go about getting on it.

    I don't miss any work but there are day when I really need to.

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    Hi Stinker,

    Here is a website with lots of info on FMLA. I saw your profile and I live in TN also. I had to take FMLA when I was working in 04' & 05' and by reading this website I think I was There are 20 + pages from all 50 states and then there are the achives.

    I wish you lots of luck,

    main webpage:

    pages with info from all 50 states:

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    I see you are in TN. I am in MS.

    I have been on FMLA for years. I truly believe that had I not had it I would not have been able to work.

    If your employer has 20 employees in a 50 mile radius they have to offer FMLA.

    It gives you 480 hours of unpaid leave for a "serious health condition".

    A serious heath condition is one that requires you to have regular MD visits and a continuing course of treatment.

    My regular visits are every 3 months, and my continuing course of treatment is RX meds and Stretching exercises.

    You can take it all at once or intermittently.

    I use mine intermittently.

    Your MD has to fill out a form to certify your medical information.

    You can go to the DOL website for the form and info.

  4. steach

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    I have used FMLA and it saved my job.

    FMLA is a FEDERAL family and medical leave act which went into effect during the Clinton Administration to help people like us or people to care for aging parents, etc.

    You need to go to your HR Department and request an "FMLA Form" which has to be completed by your doctor. On this form, it is VERY, VERY important for your doctor to specify how you need time off from work: for two weeks, one month, intermittantly (off as necessary when you are feeling badly), specific dates, etc.

    Once the form is completed by your doctor and submitted to the HR Dept., you will receive notification from your employer that the FMLA is approved; it they want to be butt-heads, they can try to deny it, but rember this is a federal act.

    There are eligibility requirements for FMLA. Some companies/employers require 12 months of employment and others require a lesser amount of time. You need to ask your employer.

    Also, the company/employer must employ 50 or more people. You are %^&* out of luck if there aren't 50 employees.

    FMLA time is NOT paid time and does run concurrently with short/long-term disability. FMLA can be used for yourself or an immediate family member. When I was working, I had one for myself and one for my daughter- you can file more than one application -but- you still can only receive 12 weeks or 480 hours time off. For example, I did not get 12 weeks/480 off for myself AND 12 weeks/480 for my daughter.

    I used FMLA on an intermittant basis- when I developed a severe migraine at work, if I could not finish the day due to the fatigue or pain, I submitted my leave form to my supervisor and went home. If at all possible, employers ask that you submit your request in advance- for a scheduled doc appointment, lab work, etc. However, if you need to leave work immediatly, you do not have to wait for a supervisor to "approve" it- they just need to be informed that you need to leave.

    I do believe that the FMLA application needs to be up-dated every 3 or 6 months by your doctor and then re-submitted to your employer.

    There are 3 ways that the employer can keep track of your FMLA time: calendar year, fiscal year, rolling-calendar year.

    Calendar year- begins the 1st of every year
    Fiscal year- begins when the budgeting begins the new year for the company, most likely in July
    Rolling-calendar year- FMLA time is kept from the first date that you use it. If you first use it November 2nd, then you have until November 2, 2009 for FMLA time.

    If by November 2009 you still need to continue using FMLA, your time re-starts. If on November 2, 2008, you took off 6 hours, then on November 2, 2009, you would "earn" 6 hours back. A "rolling-calendar year" is complicated. Get a pocket calendar and write in the date EVERY time that you use FMLA and the number of hours used. Also, every payday, you should receive a "statement" from HR with the amount of FMLA time taken- they can and do make mistakes! That is why it is important to write the date and time and keep all requests for leave which are for FMLA.

    I used to work for the state of Ohio teaching in a prison. I was the first one to "challenge" the HR Dept. and the state regarding FMLA use. I fought many battles in which they tried to fire me for using FMLA. Luckily, people here helped me through it and so did my teaching union. I fought long and hard enough to receive "reasonable accommodations". After going through the many battles, other employees were finally able to have FMLA granted and reasonable accommodations! Needless to say, I was on their %^&* list!

    Good luck and if I can help, let me know.
  5. steach

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    I appreciate what you had to say. Thank you.

    Wow, yes, I did have sooo many hurdles with the state. It was a really rough year for me. At least I know that I have been able to help people like us who really need the time off without being fired.

    Hope you're doing well.

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