Can someone help me please???

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    My darn doc is gonna cut me off of hydrocodone, I tak 7.5 mgs 2 a day and I have now for like 3 months and that on top of my ultram, skelaxin, neurontin, those all together actually work well enough for me that I get to putter & do refinishing woodwork on antiques and redecorate our bedroom, basically I get to feel like I am Martha Stewart.

    I cannot have even a glimmer of hope to have productive days w/o the hydrocodone, I have actually been feeling like I had my life back in that I could function like an almost normal person with the pain relief.

    Well, now he has decided that fibro pain is not bad enough to warrant the hydro.

    What I am thinking is to take in some info to him before I kick him to the curb. There was a post here recently, a survey I think called "What do you take for Pain" can someone please, please, please bump it for me????????????

    I would be eternally grateful.


    I looked & could not find it
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    All I could find was the one entitled 'New Drugs', if this is not it, just make a new post asking what everyone is taking for pain yourself.

    Hope this helps.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Jaci, Echos here. I think I found the posts you were looking for, so I moved it up. Check it out to see if this is it. Its called: Help....I hear everyone talking about pain meds.......
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    Hi Jaci~~It sounds that for his own reasons your doctor has
    changed his mind about treating your FM with a narcotic. Maybe he is afraid of a DEA audit, or Big Brother looking over his shoulder, or how he could validate giving a fairly potent narcotic long term to an individual who has no scientific/medical evidence of an illness. Jaci--SOMETHING scared him....SOMETHING changed his mind. Maybe he went to a conference for his CEU's, and the speakers and/or conversations about FM discouraged him--or maybe the DEA is starting to challenge physicians for giving out high powered narcotics to an invisible illness that has no legitimate, medical evidence, tests, or objective validation. I don't know why he changed his mind after successfully treating you for three months--but SOMETHING scared him off.

    I am a therapist at a chemical dependency treatment center, and I had one 35 year old female patient who was severely addicted to "prescription" percocet for the past 20 years. I asked her how in the world she was able to get 120 percocets from one doctor every month for 20 years. She said she heard about this invisible disease called Fibromyalgia that didn't show up on any tests or x-rays but caused people alot of pain--so she read up on it, memorized all the symptoms, looked pitiful--went from doc to doc till she found one that would treat her--and she had a legitimate supply of percocet every month for 20 years until her doctor passed away, and then couldn't find another physician to prescribe the percocet for FM, and started going through horrendous withdrawals and ended up in treatment. She actually never had the illness at all.

    With the DEA coming down so hard now on physicians prescribing high powered narcotics imagine how difficult it would be to explain providing long-term serious narcotics to someone who has a pattern of complaints you can read out of a book, off the net, off this board, anyplace--yet is invisible, shows no results on tests, and an ailment of such severe pain that it requires high level narcotics, yet yeilds no evidence of any real illness.

    I am 53 and have had FM/CFS since I was 15, so I understand what you're going through, your frustration, confusion, and sense of betrayal. You feel like he delibertly pulled the rug right out from under you without notice, reason, or cause. And the thought of going back to all that misery is unbearable. But SOMETHING scared him off.

    In all my years of suffering from FM/CFS, I could never get a physician, rheumatologist, or specialist to give me a narcotic for my pain. I suffered all those years needlessly. It wasn't until two years ago when I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease {ddd} with multiple back problems, nerve damage from the ddd, and osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis which was all "validated" by x-rays, blood tests, and MRI's that I was finally put on narcotic pain management. And even with all this evidence, my physician makes me see a pain specialist and an orthopedist every 6 months just to back up/validate the high-powered meds he gives me every month.

    That way he feels confident that if the DEA should audit his narcotic prescriptions on me--he has all the x-rays, blood tests, MRI's, for evidence plus the backup of a pain specialist, and orthopedist concurrence to validate my scripts for oxycontin & percocet. My physician is covering his ass. Before the ddd was diagnosed, and I had originally gone to him for relief from my FM, all he would give me was ultram which was not considered a narcotic. But as soon as the ddd was diagnosed and he had medical evidence of severe pain--he jumped right in and saved me. And in the process, these high level narcotics also took away the aching and pain of the FM.

    Right off the bat, I would encourage you to go see a Pain Specialist. Treating chronic pain and prescribing narcotics is their speciality, and apparently the DEA doesn't monitor them as closely. I know the first time I went to the Pain Specialist for my physician's "consultation backup"--the pain specialist not only agreed with my meds, but increased them.

    Infact, after two years with my regular physician, I am seriously considering dropping him and transferring over to the pain specialist because right now I am having to pay for 3 providers (physician, pain specialist, orthopedist) just so my physician can rest easy and feel validated every month when he refills my scripts. If I just went to the Pain Specialist I would only have one provider to pay.

    So that is my suggestion....go straight to the horse's mouth for pain relief. Whatever you decide, I hope you continue to get the help you need and enjoy being Martha Stewart! Best Wishes, Carol...