can someone help me with disability info???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jules2, Apr 28, 2003.

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    I want to go on disability. I have had FM and CFS for about 14 years and have worked the whole time. I am a Special Ed. teacher and the stress is becoming unbearable. I am still dragging myself to school every day but don't know how long I can go on this way. I don't want to go on this way.

    I have STD through my district and LTD through the state. How do I start this? I also don't want to be fraudulent at all but I am so tired and sore all the time.
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    I thought I would get this message bumped up to the first page and see if you can get some answers from someone who does have an answer.

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    Hi Jules: Here is my story. I hope it helps. I was with same employer for 26 years. Last 3 the fibro was bad. I had a car accident feb 2002 and have been off work ever since.I applied for my LTD through my employer. They denied. I appealed. I had a family doctor, a rheumotologist, a physiatrist and a phyciatrist all going to bat for me. One of my doctors said if you dont beleive me then send me to one of the insurance doctors and see what they say. Well they did and he supported my fibro. It took 9 months but I got it. I have also applied for the governement one too but still waiting. It helps to apply because you get it and then your LTD will pay the difference and will give you less hassle. I fought this on my own. I had excellent medical support. I was constantly on the LTD claim adjuster via phone , letters and email. I would say the best advice is try, dont give up, get good medical support from at least 3 doctors. Make sure you give the doctors copies all the letters and reporst from the other doctors so they all on the same page with each other. I wish you luck.