can someone help me with this numbers???

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    i have taken two epstein barr and herpes tests. i am seeing one of the leading cfs docs out there, so i absolutely trust that he knows what these numbers mean, but i am not really sure so i was hoping someone could interpret whether or not they are high or low:

    on 1/30/09,
    EBV EA - 40
    EBV EBNA - 160
    EBV VCA - 320
    HHV-6 - 80

    on 3/13/09,
    EBV EA - 40
    EBV EBNA - 160
    EBV VCA - 640
    HHV-6 - 160

    I've noticed that the EBV VCA and the HHV-6 both have doubled. In looking on the internet, I found some publications that consider an EBV VCA of 640 to be high, but I am not sure if that would be the same reference range for my laboratory. My doc said that my numbers are low. I am confused why they seemed to have increased so much then. Both the EBV VCA and HHV-6 doubled.
    For those who have been diagnosed with chronic EBV and know more about this, would you consider me to possibly have chronic EBV or are these numbers truly quite low? I know my doctor treats his EBV patients with antivirals when they are in the thousands, which is obviously quite higher than mine. But would a "normal" (ie, not sick) person also have antibodies at 640?
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    hi, i hope it is okay if i bump this post up. i really need some help, as i cannot find this info on the internet, and i know there are people here who are knowledgeable about epstein barr and herpes. i'm hoping someone may be able to help me. thank you so much.
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    The first two are going to stay the same because they are EA which means Early Antigen. That means that your body made antibodies sometime in the past and that is all. It does not indicate anything about being active or not.

    The next two are what indicate active. I am absolutely no doctor, nurse or other kind of health care professional. All I can tell you is that when my titers were those numbers my Infectious disease doc wrote on the labs "Chronic Epstein Barr?" He didn't do the HHV6 test but it had been done by the NIH when I was studied there. At the time HHV6 had just been discovered and the doctor there never told me what it meant. They just sent me copies of my labs.

    But since we know that that the EBV and HHV6 many times are active together...if my Infectious Disease doc put Chronic Epstein Barr ?, I would think he would have put Chronic HHV6?

    IMHO I agree that your titers are positive but low. You might try something over the counter like Olive Leaf Extract or you might try one of the Transfer Factors that are sold here that target EBV and HHV6. You have to call Prohealth and ask which one (they sell two). They don't print that info online cause of the FDA. I take the Transfer Factors and like them a lot.

    Please, again, I am not a doctor or medical person. Only a fellow sufferer sharing what docs have told me.

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    you need to know what they are in order to interpret the results-if you call the lab they should be able to tell you what they are for these tests.
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    I think in my brain fog last nite, I didn't give totally accurate info. The lab should be able to help you.
    Then googling would bring more info.

    And I wanted to tell you that having low numbers doesn't mean you can't be very ill. I have low numbers and been very sick.

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    What labe were these done at? Every lab has a different range for normal. If you change your post to include the normal ranges you might get some answers.

    This paper has lots of links to help you get started with Google University: