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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LN030905, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. LN030905

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    Hi, I am new here. I have never been to a Dr, but I was hoping someone on here could help me out. Im worried that maybe I could be experiencing some sort of depression or something similar. First of all, Im happy with me life for the most part. Im young..I got married just a yr ago to my high school sweet heart. I was lucky enough to be able to quit my job and not work for the first yr and concentrate on school. I guess this has spoiled me. I havnet completed a yr of school since about 4 yrs ago...I take the course load and then drop it and get my money back. I know what I want to do for the futre, but I cant motivate myself. I recently landed a job that I thought I would like..but I dont. Its not hard, its not bad..its very easy. I just dont like fact, I think abuot how muhc I dont like it all the time..I cry all the time..I was supposed to work today and I cried all night last night bc I knew I was going to have to go in. I used to be so happy all the time...and now I cry so easily. My husband didnt give me a good bye kiss tonight and he left and I cried..I dont know what my problem is. We have been trying to have a child since January, and so far it hasnt happened..and that tears me up. I cry about that all the time. Im crying now as a matter of fact. On the days off I dont want to leave my house and I am glued to my husbands side. I dont know what my deal is. I try to psych myself out and be happy and excited about things, but it doesnt work very long. I have gained alot of weight over the past two yrs..and I still feel like I look good..but I am curious as to whether or not this can be a sign of something going on. I used to care so much about ppl and I would do anything for them and now I dont want to work, I feel so lazy and I dont want to do anything..I make my husband, who works 10-12 hr days, so sad when I cry...but that just makes me cry harder. I usally sleep fine at night. Im not sick alot, other than headaches. I dont know if its just me being a brat or what...but I am hoping someone can maybe give me some insight as to whether or not this could be a sign something is going on with me. I really am praying somenoe on here can help me or just guide me as to where to go. Thank you so much.
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    Please go to your doctor as soon as possible. I am not a dr, so I can't tell you what is going on with you. I am concerned for you tho. Please come back and tell me that you have made a dr appointment. If you are depressed it can be helped thru medical intervention. I will say a prayer for you. Hugs, Tam

    Oh, and welcome! You will find many loving and caring people here that have more energy than I do at this moment that will post to you!
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    I'm not a DR. either, but my heart goes out to you.Yes you should definitely see a DR.And i think you should have blood tests done.You might have thyroid problems.I would insist he do a lot of blood tests as this could be a combitation of things.

    Don't give up.Hang in there and let us hear from you.My daughter just had tests done and her thyroid was hardly functioning at all.With med,she has already lost 3 lbs in about a week.


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    sounds like you are dealing w/some major depression...i am not a dr. but i have been through some hard times w/it.

    easily creeps up on me.

    and your hb seeing you cry is not good for your marriage.

    men like to make their wife's happy. they feel it is their job and if you are not happy he is taking it personally.

    which it really sounds like nothing to be about him.

    but him not giving you a kiss like normal is a change for you both.

    seek counseling and go to a medical dr.

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    Please go see a doctor as soon as you can.You are young, and are probably healthy. It could be hormonal, or something like that. You want to be sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with you, though.

    Why dn't you ask a friend or relative to recommend a Dr. and make an appontmnt? Your poor hubby must be worried, too. Don't be too quick to blame yourself and say that you are "just being a brat". You are reacting to something, and it is best that you find out what it is.

    Married life is a very big change, and is hard enough to get through when one is feeling good, not to mention when one is ill. I think knowing what is or isn't wrong will, in itself, help you feel a bit better, and then if there is something, you can take care of it.

    Please let us know how you are, when you find out. We wil all support you.

    Big hugs,
    p.s. We will know you better if you can fill out our profle. Do you have a picture? T.
  6. twix

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  7. carebelle

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    You sound like your hormones are going crazy .Could you be Preg. now?
    You do need to talk to your doctor and get your health checked out. Let us know what you find out.
  8. TLI

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    You are in the right place for support and kindness! I too, would recommend you see your doctor. It DOES sound like you might be pregnant... I agree with the other opinions. I have three kids, and you sure do sound like I did, in the beginning of my pregnancy! Or... maybe your hormones are not balanced, which could explain your emotions, and that you are not pregnant yet, after two years of trying. No matter what is going on, you need to see your doctor. He/She will be able to help you feel better. We are all here for you, any time! SO many prayers are being said for you right now! Keep your chin up...
    Smiles.. ~Teddi
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    Hi there,
    I saw your request for help and i hope what i have to say will help you.
    I am a licensed counselor and generally with your symptoms, i would recommend the following, in order:
    1. See a trusted medical doctor and rule out any physical reasons for your sysmptoms. Tell him/her you want a complete physical and blood work done to determine if you have physical problems such as thyroid disfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. which could be causing these symptoms. If nothing is found,
    2. Seek out a counselor or other mental health professional who can diagnose your disorder and make recommendations from that point on.
    3. No matter what your diagnosis, seek out the assistance from a physical trainer and nutritionist who can get you on a healthy lifestyle course.
    4. Make sure all of the people in your network of helpers are willing to communicate with one another and work together to help you feel better.
    Hope this helps. Take care.

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