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    Candida sepsis has become one of the
    more common forms of hospital acquired infections.
    4"0" 23'26 Yeast colonization is prone to occur not
    just in the patient with diabetes mellitus, a condition previously
    believed almost to be an absolute prerequisite,
    BUT ALSO DEVELOPS in ANY individual receiving oral or
    systemic ANTIBIOTICS

    Conditions that caused Candida SEPTIS
    (58 patients WITH Candida sepsis)
    oral antibacterial 17
    I ntravenouis catheter 12
    long term 11
    deep venous channel 9
    Increased extracellular glucose concentrations 10
    hypertonic glucose inifusions 7
    diabetes mellitus 3
    specimens revealed budding yeast in every would appear that
    prior treatmenit with an antibiotic effective against gramnlegative
    bacteria is the MOST important of ALL predisposing
    factors. 1,4,5,7,8,10-12,14-1
    7.19.20,21,23,26,27,29-31,33-35,37,41administered distal to the small
    intestine failed to invade,
    again stressing the IMPORTANT ROLE of BACTERIAL
    FLORA at controlling the yeast population in the large
    bowel. 15,16,25,30,35
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    without the natural intestinal flora yeast turns into fungas with hair like roots and preabsorbs through your intestines into your blood and other organs....antibiotics killed our gut flora ...hello