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    i take anbien for sleep, this drug i like better than any other sleep aid. i get mostly between 4-5 hours of sleep, i mix it with other over the counter med , and it reduces my time of sleep, i will not mix it any more.

    i am in the need of some anbien... im down to my last 2 pills, and my doctor wont be back till tursday...can someone give me a site to refill my anbien...she is tripping off of michael;s death, and would not give me refill. i have to march into her office each month for a new prescription...........hate it...thanks for any knowledge of anbien
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  2. I doubt that anyone here can help you with that... and it may even be against this websites Terms Of Service agreement, as well, & since you still have to have a Dr.'s prescription, I doubt you'd have any luck getting Ambien online, either...

    I'm not sure I understand.... you are down to your last 2 pills, but your doctor will be back on Thursday (which, I understand, you will still run out, before your doctor is back...)

    But, then you say "She is tripping off of Michael's death, and would not give me refill."

    THEN, you also say "i have to march into her office each month for a new prescription....."

    So, did your doctor refuse your prescription refill for *this* month, then, or did she refuse it because it was too early to refill it?

    I'm confused. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help, but, I don't know any online websites that will fill your ambien either, without a doctor's prescription to do so, either.

    Can't you go to your doctor's office Monday then, & get the prescription, if as you say you have to march into her office each month for a new prescription? (which is common with a lot of doctors, by the way, even before Michael Jackson's death, but, usually with "schedule 2" (I think) "controlled substances" which a range of medications are classified as, it's usually pain medications, but certainly not limited to pain meds.)

    Many doctors do it often that way with sleeping pills, as well as medications like Provigil (the opposite of sleeping pills, Provigil is to help with sleep disorders like narcolepsy, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, etc...and other medications that are now often being abused by people who are, and are not sick, and the most commonly stolen/sold/abused medications by kids..)

    I agree, I HATED having to send my husband or my sister to my pain clinic every single month, with a written note from me, MY driver's license, and they showed their license as well to pick up my medications. It was a miserable hassle for all.

    NOW, thankfully, at least, for my Provigil Rx, (I am physically unable to take pain medications, they do me more harm than good) But with my Provigil, my pharmacy will fax the clinic a 'refill request', then my Dr's office faxes them a new 30 day refill each month.

    I doubt you have any other option than to go into your doctor's office tomorrow, and explain to someone that you are going to be out of Ambien tomorrow night, and your doctor won't be back until Thursday, and see if whoever is on-call for your Doctor will at least give you 2-3 Ambien, until you CAN get a hold of your doctor.

    Best wishes.
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    My family members and I have used the same pharmacy for many years. I know by name three of the pharmacists there, including the "big cheese," and they know me well. They have, on occasion, given me 1-2 tablets/pills of a med I have been on and had filled there when I have told them I could not get a scrip for a couple of days for a good reason. Then, when I got a scrip to them, they decreased the number of tablets/pills by 1 or 2, so that I only got a 30-day supply. I don't know if your pharmacy would do this, esp. for a sleeping pill, but if you have established a relationship there, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    It's hard for me to imagine MJ's death affecting a professional to the point that she can't meet her professional obligations! It's been over a month!
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    I understand your anxiety about getting your ambien (sleeping pill) however I have been a nurse for 26 years now and it is standard proceedure to have to go into your dr's office each month to refill any controlled substances..such as valium, ambien, vicodin, and many other drugs that fall into that catagory. Your dr must legally see you (unless she/he gives you refills on your prescription ) and make office visit notes in your chart. Sometimes however a dr will write a prescription for any of these medications and allow you to get a certain number of refills before you have to come back into the office for a visit, that is legal (for example ambien 10 mg #30 take 1 at bedtime. refills 2) once you run out of your refills it's time for another office visit for the reason why you take ambien. I know its a pain in the rear end to go each month ( I have to do this for some of my meds too) however I feel safer knowing that my dr is looking out for both my best intrest and her best intrest. Sometimes if I cannot get to sleep I will take 2 over the counter benadryls 25 mg each and that helps me sleep, or tylenol pm or advil pm if I am hurting also. Please hang in there! I hope you were able to get your refill and get a good nights rest (as much as possible). Take care! M