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    OK - this is what I have done to myself today! . . . this morning as I was "stumbling around", not clearly paying attention to where my footing was, I bumped my foot on the front part of our rocker- the area on my foot is the left side of my left foot, about 3 inches from my ankle. It is a sensitive area for anyone bumping their foot there, and so when it happenned all kinds of words came out of my mouth, not curse words though, but, just not very nice stuff, anyyyyyyyyyyyyyhow, I got over the awful pain and went on with the day, went to am services at church,went to an afternoon baby shower, and went to evening services, during evening services my foot starts to throb a little and it has started to swell a little where I hit it. I get home after pm services, and I am on the computer downloading pics off of our pencam, and I notice my foot and whole leg seem to be throbbing, so I go to get up and nearly fall flat on my face because of the excruciating pain to put pressure on my foot. I now have a swollen spot about 2 inches in diameter. My husband has to help me to the couch, and I have put ice on my foot via his instructions. He can't really tell me more about why I am having this excrutiating pain NOW, 12 hours after I hit my foot in the first place. What is the deal? Why the delayed effect? How long should I ice my foot for? should I even be icing my foot? am I going to be able to walk on my foot tomorrow? I am supposed to go and see a very pregnant friend and the vet tomorrow and it is not looking real promising for that to happen. I can call the vet and have my questions answered hopefully, but this really stinks!!!!! Sorry for the whining!! It just really stinks to not be able to walk on my foot without grimacing and being in so much pain. Just not understanding why I am having all this pain NOW!! If you have some idea/answers/suggestions for a quick recovery - please post! love to all! Carla
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    One of the ways to tell there is a broken bone is the pain. When my mom broke her foot, the doctor did not x-ray because it did not seem to be broken. The next day the pain was excrutiating.

    You might need to get a x-ray to make sure nothing is broken. It could be torn ligaments - but with that much pain, you should see a doctor if it does not start getting better.
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    i have broken my toes many times, but i guess its not your toes, then later it would throb way up my leg, couldn't walk on it, couldn't stand even to sit still!

    Is it blueish now, wonder if you busted a blood vessel, just get it check out plz. I THOUGHT i busted a blood vessel once on top of my foot, the vein swelled to a huge size, turned blue/bruise, swelled up to a few inches around also, but somehow it stoped or fixed itself, the sweeling went down & so did the size of the vein, but the briuse stayed. I just stayed off my foot for a few hours

    but your story, now that it's solong later seems strange.

    Hope you'll be better by morning, it's my bedtime here.
    Hugs saph
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    3 or 4 months ago. I had hit my elbow right on the funny bone real hard on a door and hours and hours later while typing on the computer I got a sharp,sudden pain that imobilized my arm, and the E.R. said I had a contusion. I cried it hurt so bad. It had popped and I had really thought I had broken a bone somehow. It hurt along the nerve line horrifically, and couldn't lift anything with that arm for days. It took several hours before I could stretch my arm out again, it was weird. I just took a Lyrica, maybe this will help with the foot/leg pain. I just started on Lyrica on Friday. My pain management specialist recommended I go on it at least temporarily for nerve pain and pain I have been having from a burst cyst and from another cyst still on my ovary and from my IBS irritating that area. I took ONE PILL on Friday and just a few hours later was feeling like a healed leper!!!! I had been having horrific nerve pain/tingling/burning skin for months since coming off of Neurontin. One pill took most of the nerve pain away and I have never taken Lyrica before ever!! I have continued to take it for the weekend and have been more active than I have been in months and months and months. It is helping w/ the cyst/IBS pain,but not taking it away. At least I can get into a vehicle and drive without cramping up now. But, my hubby and I cannot be intimate - the jarring action makes my cyst area/abdomen hurt horrifically STILL. And it has been 5 weeks since my cyst burst. Anyhow, I am hoping this Lyrica I just took will help with the foot pain, ouch!!!!!! it just isn't a friendly feeling!!!!! the ice seems to have helped the swelling, and I am gettin sleepy and want to hit the sack , but don't know how long i should keep this ice on. ??? I have a strange body ya'll, the way it reacts to injuries. LOL Carla

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