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    I was just recently diagnosed with fibromylgia. Last night I was in such extremem pain that I went to the ER to help with pain. Needless to say the nurses and physicans assistant that took care of me were sooooooo careless and acted as though it wasnt a big deal, however I was lying on the bed crying my eyes out moaning in pain. They gave me a pain pill....I asked for a shot b/c I didnt want to wait that long for the pill to kick in, I was losing my mind b/c of the pain. It took them 15 min to get the shot "ready" and by that time I was out of my mind b/c of the pain....I'm usually a calm and rational person but b/c of the pain driving me out of my mind, I told the nurses off and walked out of there and just suffered through the pain all last night. It is so damn frustrating when no one understands the pain. If anyone out there could please give me some advice about things they found helpful, I would be much appreciated if you could send your suggestions my way. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Happy Thanksgiving and hope today you are feeling much better than last night in the E.R.

    My personal suggestion is that you get a copy of a few of your medical records from the rheumatologist that specifically diagnosed you with Fibro, as well as a copy of the written test results that diagnosed you with Fibro . Make some copies and if you must go to the E.R., take a copy with you. It will probably spare you the trouble you experienced and the medical records will allow the E.R. to rule out so much at the beginning and know you have Fibro. Usually the E.R. has you follow up with your doctor within so many days of the E.R. visit, so also ask your rheumy his suggestions to convince an E.R. you have Fibro and ask if taking copies of some of that doctor's medical records would be wise, or does the doctor want to write out a special diagnosis letter to any treating facility that you could carry in your pocketbook.

    I see a neurologist for the severe migraines I get and he has to do a "block" with needles in my head to help with the migraines and it does help. This neurologist explained to me that unfortunately E.R.s are also faced with drug addicts there simply seeking drugs. These addicts actually slow down the real patients with Fibro, migraines, etc. getting treatment because the E.R. may be trying to determine through blood work if they have a drug seeking addict on their hands. It's not fair to the regular patients needing help.
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    It is likely that the cause of your FM is an undiagnosed chronic infection.

    Many people have found out that a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) was the cause, along with common coinfections.

    Please keep an open mind and read through this booklet......has a great symptom list...

    more good info here....

    Another great paper with a great symptom list on pages 9-11....
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    I have had Fibro for around 3 years now and I can tell you I have tried everything from pain relief to rest, there is no cure but I have found that Hydrotherapy works and light weights workouts as this keeps your muscles active.
    I have also started on Nopalea which is a juice that contains antioxidants and helps with inflammation as I also have severe stress and Arthiritis. I hope this helps a bit.
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    Research show that certain bacterias are connected to this ilness.

    Biophoton Coherence Therapy and Starlight or Chiren can diagnose and help with this terrible painful condition.

    Especially in Norway we hear about the sucess of this treatment which is based on Chinese TCM and modern technology.
    The treatment is painless and given by fiberoptic tools.You jus need to drink lots of water to get rid of the toxins from your body :))

    I do not know where you live, but there might be someone not too far from you which is certified by Johan Boswinkel, to use the tool.

    I wish you the very best--kind regards Beate Jebsen