Can someone straighten me out?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shannonrn, Mar 24, 2003.

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    Today I went to a doctor of osteopath who is going to do different techniques to control the muscle pain(ultrasound, chiropractics etc.) She said she didn't want to touch the tender points in my back b/c she knows it's excruciating. When she did touch my back it felt good and I told her she could massage it harder. Now I'm doubting my diagnosis of FM because my tender points are not that painful (they are just tender) When I went to the Rheumy in a couple of weeks ago he just barely put his hand on my tender points. I didn't have all 11 of them but he said that could vary from day to day. One day I could have 2 and the next 15. I have a long list of other symptoms though like burning pain, skin sensitivity, fatigue, insomnia, deep muscle or bone pain etc. Do you guys think I have FM since my tender points aren't excruciating and I didn't have 11 points when I went to the Rheumy. I'm just confused. Please help.
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    I have had (like a lot of us) many tender point exams along the journey of this disease. I have had almost all be tender, only a couple tender, all above the waist tender (but not below) etc.--varies every time. To be honest, like most of us here, I have done so much research on this disease that I pay very little attention to that part of it anymore....I have other very common FM symptoms that concern me much more. I know it's confusing.....was your doctor helpful in relieving your pain, and/or have any ideas to deal with the other symptoms you mention?

    Hope you feel better,