Can someone test positive, but have no symptoms

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    I was wondering if anybody knows if they do 'healthy control tests' on individuals to see if they may also test positive on lymes disease tests. I was diagnosed with CFS, but upon review of my post medical records on westewrn blot, i tested positive for one IGM, and two IGG's. They all were the numbers that were specific for the boriolis(sp/). three years later only one IGG showed up. Can someone be infected, but not come down with it? YOu know, their immune system fights it off well. I also had Igg titer to EBV back then at 960. It showed a speck of active ebv.(IGM). Now it is down to 300's(IGG). Aslo had mono three times. Also, my symptoms werent the joint pain, or numbness, just post exertioanl colapse(better word than fatigue :) ). Cognitive. in the beggining it was headache and sore throat too. Does anybody know of a popular and respected message board that talks about lymes? THanks.
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    Most lyme docs will tell you the truth that the vast majority of CFS and FM patients are just people have never been properly tested for lyme.

    Its like a mixed soup with this disease with viruses and bacteria.

    Lymenet is a popular place for learning about the diseae.. Please check it out and you will learn a wealth of info.

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    You CAN have a positive Lyme Western Blot and NOT have Lyme. CK the Igenex site. Positive RA Factors and EB can cross react. There is a lot of debate on