can ssdi deny you if you decide that you want homepathic stuff

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  1. 69mach1

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    does anyone know if ssdi will deny you if you and our dr decide the antidpressants are causing me no benefits or allergic reactions or severe side effects. have been er for allergic reactions to meds that they keep trying to treat me for fibro/depression&anxiety.

    i'm tired of rashes, swelling and weight gain or deeper depressions or incresed anxiety attacks, ect.

    i think why the heck take these if they aren't working.

    but i'm afraid if i don't want to continue on these my ssdi claim may be denied.

    the psychiartrist just put me on seroquel, which is causing swelling and runny nose w/blood draining nonstop all day. pharmaist told me to stop taking it and call my doctor on monday.. so i will be.

    thanks for you input

  2. Logand

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    I have had side effects to almost every antidepressant. I'm on Prozac now, but I refuse to go to the maximum dosage because sometimes I miss a dose, and I've heard it can be dangerous. Plus my depression is situational from the pain and having two disabled children, and medicine can't take that away.

    I have also refused to try stronger pain meds because of my kids. I can't afford to be "out of it" for any length of time. Even Flexeril made me feel hung over the next morning, and I can't feel that way and still care for my kids appropriately.

    So... I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I haven't heard the exact date yet, but I've heard my hearing will be scheduled sometime in September.

    I'll post how it went and if they say anything about it.

  3. puppyfreak

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    They deny that you're disabled if they can find ONE job that THEY think you can do. This shouldn't have anything to do with what meds you do or don't take.
    I just got approved last month and one of my claims was for depression [which I've had most of my adult life, not just with the FMS]. I was put on both Lexapro and Cymbalta in the past year and had side effects from both so I wasn't on any antidepressant med at the time of the hearing. It didn't seem to affect the judge's decision.

  4. 69mach1

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    thanks char for telling me that i'm jus tsorta getting frustrated in trying a new med and having the side effects that i have.

    i have been asking myself am i anybetter takning the meds or not.
  5. sofy

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    but I dont think there is a cut and dry answer.
    You must prove you have symptoms that wont allow you to work and that the established medical professional have tried everything and you did not respond.

    I seriously doubt they are going to be the least interested in what a homeopath has to say so I would leave that out.

    I went to one specialist after another and none were able to help me. I knew I wasnt depressed but say a psych for 6 months just to eliminate that as a cause. After 6 months he put in my file that the cause of my problems was not in psychiatric but organic.

    You are going to have to document that you have tried established medical help and it did nothing for you.

    Inbetween seeing all those docs I tried all sorts of alternative stuff. When I had to fill out the medical Dr. history I listed all the md and then said tried lots of alternative to no avail.

    They dont care what the health problem is called so worry about symptoms and write down everything you can think of. I even wrote down plantar faciatis which is a common food problem.

    I got it first try, no lawyer but I was in my late 50's and Im convinced that makes a big difference.

    I also talked to my case worker several times and after it was all over I called to thank her for all her effort and she told me she could tell the faker from the real thing right away so never have an adverserial attitude when you talk the them.

    When they wanted me to see their own docs I told them I would see anyone they wanted me to cuz I still had hope there was someone out there who might just have an inkeling as to how to help me.

    Ok Ive rambled on enough, good luck
  6. Marjidoll

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    And the only medication I feel safe taking is Tylenol.

    Celebrex landed me in the ER too. I have never tried anti depresants for fear of side effects.

    I am like you, allergies or side effects to most everything.

    I had a good attorney and the judge really seemed to listen to me. Even though this particular judge has a reputation for being tough, he was very nice to me.

    At the end of the hearing,I looked him right in the eye and told him that I hate being this way, I would much rather be working and out and about with people, this is no way to live.

    My primary care doctor is wonderful too and he wrote a letter supporting my disablity. The judge put a lot of weight on his opinion.

    I know if it were me, I would not just keep trying one drug after another to see what happens. I think the anxiety from that is worse than what we are dealing with.

    Good luck you case, I'm pulling for you.