Can surgeries done very close together cause fibromyalgia

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    or make the symptoms worsen. In 2001 I had a breast reduction, 3 months later had a stent placed in my heart because of blockage, 2 months later had gall bladder removed because of pain on upper right side of chest and in through back and shoulders, 1 month later has kidney stone attack, 3 months later had open heart surgery due to scarring from stent. I have continued to have chest pain. Have had tingling and numbness in left leg(improved), have pain in both arms down to the wrist and sometimes into my thumb. Had pain in the whole right side of my body last week. So painful I could hardly walk. So much pain in upper body it hurt to roll from side to side while sleeping. Today have had pain across shoulders and neck. Hurts to look down. Feels like its pulling. Seems to be worse in the morning. Sometimes the pain will go down the back of my left leg and left arm. It feels like throbbing pain. Have been checked for blood clot in leg and have found nothing. Have been repeatedly hospitalized for chest pain and doctors can find nothing. I had been pretty healthy before all of this began. It started at the age of 41. I have had muscle pain before all the surgeries. Mostly upper body, but occasionally it would affect one entire side of my body and makes by body feel like it is totally out of alignment. Like one shoulder sits higher. When the whole half of my body is involved the pain almost makes me sick. Ibuprofen helps, but it does not make it go away completely. Help! I'm beginning to think I'm a hypochondriac.
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    Hello and Welcome!! I believe that in your case with all the trauma,stress of the surgerys,that it could have brought out the Fibro symptoms.(nobody really knows for sure)but it seems alot of us have had alot of things going on,pyhsical and mentally at the onset of our disease.While some have had none??? But,seems to me with all that you've been thru in a relatively short time,somethings gonna give in!! just my thoughts. I felt compelled to answer your post because your the first person i've heard mention.....a feeling of being out of alignment.....when your overall pain is high!!! I get that alot too......and its visably noticable-- the differance in my hip height and in my shoulders~ my man calls me the crooked lady!! lol Is your chest pain centered or below,more towards the ribs?? just curious because alot of others have that complaint too with varrying locations. Lately i've had alot of upper back and shoulder pain.It'll go into and down my left arm~The whole area between my shoulder blades is soooooo sore!and I agree with you,its hard to even turn over in bed!! I get the neck pain too like you~Just wanted you to know your not alone with this,it hurts and I would'nt wish this on anyone!!(well maybe one person~jk)
    I feel like a hypochondriac too!! who would'nt,with all these aches,and odd symptoms!!But our pains are as real as the nose on my face!! Hope your feeling better~
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    Welcome mendedheart! I am new hear also, yesterday in fact.(THANKS FOR ALL THE WARM WELCOMES EVERYONE) Your post made me think back about what I have always been curious about. I came down with my FM about 6 months after a Hesterectomy and will always wonder if that had a play in getting this DD FM. I wonder if their are any others here that have had a simular experience. Sorry to hear of your health problems...hang in there. Hugs, Mare
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    I have not seen a rheumatologist yet because I truly thought the chest pain had to do with my heart. It is mostly pain on the left side of my chest(typical for heart especially with my history), and it goes clear through to my back. But with all this other body pain that has been occuring it got me thinking maybe this is fibromyalgia. I am familiar with this fog that I've read about. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm disconnected with everything going on around me. At times I have trouble with conversation because I can't come up with the words. Sometimes my vision also seems to be affected when I'm in this "fog". It's like I have tunnel vision and I feel just totally wiped out. I think from reading the replys that I need to see a rheumatologist. Thanks again everyone! You all are very generous with the hugs!
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    I had my tail bone removed and came out of the surgery with hot burning pain all thru my body. I did`nt know there could be such pain but there surely was and is!!! I have fought it for two years and it only gets worse.I am on oxycontin,neurontin,klonopin and lortabs for breaktheu pain and am seeing the pain specialist in the morning as the meds. are not taking care of the pain any more. I know it makes for a crazy story and am sure some would not believe it but those of us who suffer from it know how very true it is. In my case I could hve continued getting injections for inflamation and pain instead of having the surgery and you can imagine how I wish I had made a different decision but the surgeon said it was a " piece of cake surgery " as they call it but it was the end of my life as I knew it. My thoughts and prayers are with you !!!! Clueless
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    I am glad I saw your post, Hi to U and all on the board.
    I had been saying for years, when I stopped having children all my medical problems started, so maybe I should have continued having more........
    My last child was born in Dec 1975....6 months later I had a Vaginal Hysterectomy.....6 months after that I had to return to hospital and have my right Ovary and Appendix removed and have never been really well since, I was D/N with Fibrositis in 1987, after a bout of RR Fever, about 6 yrs ago I was D/N with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and then about 2 1/2 yrs ago with FMS, after my 2nd bout of RR Fever. In June 2002 had Carpal T surgery. In between all this have had,investigate surgery on both knees, tonsils out, Gall bladder, breast reduction (for back & shoulder pain)Laprascopy, anal stretch on 2 diff occasions,
    3 colonoscopies, 1 Down the throat (fibro fog),
    1983 my 1st marrige broke down, lost my Dad in 1984,then my Mum died in 1985. I remarried in 1988 only to find darlin hubby unfaithful, broke down he shot through 1996. In this time I raised 4 daughters and now have 9 1/2 Bewt Grandies.
    But not able to do a lot with them.....
    Sorry I have gone on sooooo long, but your post just jogged my memory, hadn't thought of this in a while....
    Thanks to You Mendedheart and you take care. A Hug 4 U.