can take hot tub but does not ease my PAIN.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. rosemarie

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    I have been having the worst leg aches , back aches, my wrist throbs and I could sit in boiling water and the heat would still not get to the places where I have the pain. It does not matter just how hot the water is when I take a HOT bath as the heat does not reach into the places where the pain is at the worst. I just want something to help ease this never ending pain.

    For the past few days I can't get warm at night. I am just chilled and that makes me ache worse and I don't know what to do for this? I am so tired of being in pain all the time. My left wrist is throbbing really badly right now and just typing and useing the wrist and fingers to type are causeing me intense pain. I am at my wits end as to how to ease this pain.
    I am going insane from this. Sorry I can't explain this better but I can't type becuase of my wrist is stinging and burning while I type. Sorry about that, I am really to cry now. I hurt so much that I can't stand this any more.
    Ready to cry and scream,
  2. Cromwell

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    Make all the difference. I feel for you as you could be me. If I take two very hot Epsom Salt baths a day (and use a couple of cupfulls (take care to wash private areas after bath with plain rinse)it reallyt makes the difference.

    In the Boer and first world war they used epsom salt bandages to help the soldiers pain from muscle and nerve fatigue and severe bruising.

    I also think after the bath rub in some good ache cream. I alternate between various brands. Buy an old fashioned hot water bottle and have it ready in the bed for after the bath with your PJ's warming. Do NOT put heat against any cream rub though.

    Hang in there. Many of us here really understand as we have this same never ending pain. Think about asking for a TENS unit as Prickles has. I used to have one and aim to get another as they can help.

    Hugs. Annie Cromwell
  3. TKE

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    To me it sounds like you have something serious going on with your spine like herniated discs, or sciatia, etc. I'd highly suggest you get to a doc for testing/treatment or to a chiropractor ASAP & get something done about this. MRI's will show herniations. Opt for open MRI if possible.

    A lower back herniation sends pain down into the legs to the ankles. Pain that can knock you to the floor & take your breath away. It seems like it'll never end. A neck herniation sends the pain down the arms, but can also affect lower back/legs too. Arm pain can be level 10 all the way to your wrist. It can also give you the feeling you got struck by lightening in yur neck if you look down too quickly. Been there done that a few times & it's no party.

    A herniated disc can press on the nerves & cause all sorts of problems. I currently have a DDD with a herniated disc in my lower back/nerve compression & 3 buldged & 1 herniated disc/nerve compression in my neck. Been dealing with allot of deep pain in lower back/legs, burning pain in left arm/elbow/forearm & muscle knots/triggers in upper back/shouders & neck pain since August. Add to that the nerves/muscles constantly jumping non-stop in my legs. Surgeon is refusing me surgery until I get a ton of tests done by 2 other docs. Can't get into them until the end of February :(. Thank goodness my Huz is super at massage & working on my trigger points or I'd be in the nut house!

    Muscle relaxers may help you some. Moist heat packs followed by massage seems to work best for me tho. Pain meds (Hydrocodone) takes the edge off, but the pain continues.

    At all cost avoid stress or anything that increases your pain. Just concentrate on resting & trying to find ways to lower your pain level. Only do gentle stretching after you've warmed up your muscles with moist heat. If at all possible have your Huz work on the muscle triggers & try to get them to ease up some. Yes massage may hurt, but it will also help once you get past the first few minutes. Also use a lotion so your skin doesn't get sore from the rubbing/pressing. Hopefully you can get to a doc & get help soon. Do not assume this will need help now.

    Best wishes,

  4. rosemarie

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    My legs and back are aching so much that I do want to scream. I learned a while ago that I do have DDD, spianl stenosis, 2 bulging discs, L4-L5*** L5-S1, fibro, MPS,thorasic/lumber radulopathy,facet syndrome, saitica, pain from broken tail bone, osteoarthritis in both knees and in left wrist.

    I learned that I had the back problems after female surgery and it did not do any thing to make me feel any better.

    I just wish that I could use things like the steriod epidurals, or a steriod shot but when I have had the injections it feels like some one just injected me wtih liquid lava and it burns so badly and only makes my a pain worse. I have been on MScontin now for a year or so and it is a good sized doseage.But I still hurt badly and like to night it is so cold and the pain seems to just seep in to my back making it just throb all the time.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I would like to invent some ething that you could inject liquid heat right on to the place where your pain is at.


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