Can they do that?

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    I went to urgent care where they told me I probably had pancreatitis and that I should go to the hospital asap. I went to the hospital and they told me that yes I do have pancreatitis and that they were going to admit me. 4 hours later they came in to tell me that I also have some sort of bowel obstruction. They then discharged me so they could put a patient with a cough in my bed. They told me to drink fluids and did not give me anything for the problem or the pain. I'm in severe pain. What should I do?
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    Unless there is "more to the story," the ER should not have admitted you like they told you they were. They were definitely not acting in the patient's best interest. As far as medication, I don't know what would be given for pancreatitis or for a bowel obstruction. You were probably not given anything for pain because pain meds are normally very constipating and that would just aggravate your bowel construction problem.

    However, since they did not admit you, when you were discharged, you should have been told that you need to make an appointment with your primary care physician ASAP and tell him/her of your diagnosis of possible pancreatitis and your bowel obstruction.

    The bowel obstruction would probably need immediate attention.

    Call your doctor ASAP to get this taken care of.
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    Our TV media has already broadcasted the warnings from the hospitals that with the swine flu patients, they may have to discharge other patients to make room for the more sick patients. It doesn't seem right and I always thought that was when they made arrangements to transport patients to another hospital rather than simply discharge them out the door.