Can those with MCS rec supergentle facial cleansers (but not

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Aug 20, 2006.

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    pure oils or soaps since they seem to dry and irritate my skin). My usual cleanser for my face and eyes (which, BTW, took me 4 years to find) has been reformulated and I no longer tolerate it! Since this happened I have been experimenting with cleansers (I only have a bit left of the one I can use) and each one is making me itch furiously....weirdly, they are all making my nose burn and itch and dry out inside (something that never happened in the past so I can only deduce I have become even more sensitive and that my rosacea/allergies are worse)

    ...anyway, I am trying all these cleansers (supposedly super-gentle, organic ones even etc) and am getting this reaction every time! The more I persist with a cleanser which causes the reaction the worse the reaction becomes and the itching spreads from my face and inside my nose to all over my body! Tingling, tickly, persistent itching all over which is actually using up any energy I might have! You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is!

    Anyway, I can't use just water...cos my skin gets sore and I come out in spots and, I need recs desperately before my limited supply of the cleanser I can tolerate is used up!)
    I am getting so stressed about this! I really need recs! It is getting me down so much.

    Please rec whatever you can! I appreciate it! Honestly!

    Love to you all and hoping you are having a decent day! :)

    GB, Shelbo

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    products in the Liz Earle range, they're very popular with people who have sensitive skin. Her cleanser, Clean and Polish, still wins lots of awards despite having been around for many years.

    Her company is based on the Isle of Wight but she has a web site. You can buy sample sizes so you would not be paying the full price if it turns out to be unsuitable.

    TC, Tansy
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    These are often recommended by dermatologists to cleanse ultra sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and dull dry complexions. They have the ability to draw out dirt and bacteria from the skin, lift off dead skin cells, and help to loosen clogged pores. Though very soft they can remove makeup even mascara. No soaps or facial cleansers are needed.

    TC, Tansy
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    I don't know if this will help but I use Cetaphyl and it is awesome! They also have a gentle lotion too.

    Neither smell and they are incredibly gentle on the skin. You can get them at Wal Mart or Target.


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    It's ph balanced, totally fragrance free. Make sure you try the blue label old formula. They came out w/ a new one, which has fragrance and man was I ticked. Why does everything have to freakin well be fragranced? WHy, why, why? End rant.

    Kate and I are both chemically and perfume sensitive and it sounds like you may be more perfume sensitive than you know. that could be why you react to so many products. Its a tough one too, because so many products say unscented, but still are allowed to contain "a masking agent", which is code for mildly perfumed.

    If you can get Marcelle products, they are also very gentle and truly fragrance free. They are Canadian products from Montreal, so my be hard to find out of Canada?

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    I appreciate it! Note to Jeanne-in-Canada: I don't have problems with many perfumes and can use what I want in the shower or on my hair, but as soon as I apply to my face...all hell breaks loose and I itch all over...literally non-stop! Wonder if anyone knows why this is...if I said it to my doc I'm sure I'd get 'the look' (even though she's really nice!) My symptoms always sound 'made up'....I'm telling you...I hardly believe it myself sometimes! Thanks....I'll let you least I have some of my cleanser left that I'm ok with...just won't rest till I find something to replace know, I'm just worried about running out before I've found an alternative! It is really exhausting, too, (as if it wasn't exhausting enough, anyhow) to test-run cleansers/ moisturisers etc when it causes such a severe reaction! My face ends up chapped, too! I'll look into the Cetaphil but it concerns me that that contains alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate...?
    I just tried a cleanser by Dermalogica (heard of this brand?) ... anyway, it's supposed to be a cleaner for hyper-sensitive and reactive face is now raw and after two days' itching, I'm throwing the towel inon that one!! :( I should've known better anyway with its lemon extract; lavender extract (for some reasom lavender extract or oil is a real trigger for me..any one else?) and a whole host of chemicals...
    Tansy, could you tell me more about those micropeel things..never heard of you buy them somewhere?
    Thanks to the poster who wrote down recipes for making your own stuff...if all else fails, I may just try that!
    Thanks again everyone! Love Shelbo
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    Hi Shelbo

    There are two UK based retailers that I know of, QVC and the Folica Beauty Supply Store. You could give your skin a chance to settle down by using distilled, mineral, or filtered water; chlorine can act as an irritant.

    These cloths are soft but powerful so if you decide to try them use a very light touch to begin with until you find the right level of pressure.

    If they work they should last you a couple of years so there would be no further financial outlay for quite some time.

    TC, Tansy
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    I seem to have a problem with chemicals (even where fragrance isn't present) but don't do too well with natural stuff here I am wondering what to do but at least you've given me something to go on..! I heard some one rec Aquanil too which is supposedly similar in composition ot Cetaphil, but gentler? Any one heard of that? I am not sure if the cloths you mention would work for me Tansy but I may look into them - I washed my face with spring water only last week and still got the all-over body itching so I am not sure a cloth used in conjunction with water would work..thanks for the suggestion, though! Maybe my body is going through a hyper-sensitive phase cos my throat is really bad and my allergies in general seem worse...I've had more emotional stress than usual lately...fallen out with mum cos she expects too much of me (partly cos of her own difficult situation) but I finally cracked 6 weeks ago and have been staying at a friend's since...of course, I was reacting to stuff before that but seem even worse since the upset!
    I'm gonna bore you all silly now and ask for facial moisturiser recs since I have realised that the cleanser I was ok with works ok with my current moisturiser but when I take that cleanser out of the equasion it irritates me and causes itching...! :(
    Thanks for all your help... Love Shelbo
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    I've had good luck with something called "Beauty Naturally", found at

    Trust me - I've tried everything out there and THIS doesn't irritate me one bit. My skin is HIGHLY sensitive and I can't use Cetaphil, PhisoDerm or even Neutrogena.

    Beauty Naturally also has a moisturizer to go with it, and mine has lasted for 4 months right now, using it twice per day, and I still have some left. I'm about to buy my 3rd bottle of cleanser, though, as it's a small bottle and it's in lotion form, so sometimes I squeeze out too much.

    Good luck!
  15. shelbo

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    of the products...and do you know if they are filled with essential oils and plant extracts? I am sensitive to those...glad you found something! BTW, can you use the cleanser on your eyes? TIA Shelbo
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    bumping for more replies and hoping Jusmore will see my question! :) TIA
  17. shelbo

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    bump for jusmore

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