can we get a permanent sticky thread of things to try?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AquariusGirl, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. AquariusGirl

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    One for fatigue and one for pain.

    I think it is good to seperate by symptom. It kind of goes along with 'What's worked for me' but symtpom specific and things that are still to try for people who feel they've exhausted all their options.

    I'll start:



    1)Heavy Metal testing and chelation

    2)Alkaline diet




    6)Detoxing baths


    8)Magnesium Powder in water before bed

    9)look into Lyme disease

    10)Adrenal boosting

    11)Neurotransmitter testing

    12)Leaky gut testing

    13)Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

    14)provigil/concerta or adderall

    15)some antidepressants help

    Please feel free to add to this.
  2. GigglePoet

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    These lists are amazing! can you tell me of your experience with the. Hyperbaric chamber,Neurotransmitter testing and the Adrenal boosting??? you can post to GigglePoet or here but would love to find out. also I am Aquarius as well...I have never known anyonw else by this sign. Would love to find out our simularities..

    God bless
    ~ Hugzzzzzzz Dee
  3. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    OMg!!! how old are you? and how have you been able to afford all of these thearapys? there are so many? surly some were more helpful than others. Do any stand out to you? which were the most benificial, I would so love to learn about what you have learnt. I have never heard of some.
    I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts!

  4. woofmom

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    Sunshine and fresh air. Avoid all processed food, especially ones containing MSG and/or aspartame.
  5. AquariusGirl

    AquariusGirl New Member

    I never tried the hyperbaric oxygen chamber but I heard it helps some. It is expensive--$100 a session and I heard it could take up to 10 times until you see a difference.

    Neurotransmitter was helpful for a friend of mine--my results showed low in seratotin but the natural supps didn't agree with me and i haven't re-visited it.

    The Mercury detoxing Ivs with Mineral Ivs were helpful but that was before the fatigue got really, really bad. I was able to have and plan a lavish wedding the year I did that.

    Thinking of retesting my mercury levels and retrying that protocol.