Can We Take Tylenol Daily for FM?

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    I'm not sure if my ache is from FM, my back, arthritis or what, but taking Tylenol with some Biofreeze or IcyHot rub on my one leg is taking the edge off. I would hate to start narcotics, as the pain is not that severe, but very annoying.

    Can we take Tylenol daily as long as we don't go over the 3000 mg limit? Is it still dangerous to our liver to take everyday? Years ago, Tylenol Arthritis was a common thing for people in pain.

    Just curious who takes it and how often~~

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    All the pain meds can cause negative results.

    Tylenol, the liver and probably stomach too.
    Advil, stomach and kidneys.
    Narcs, they do their share of damage as well.
    Tylenol 3 which I got recently caused nasty constipation, so they are
    sitting in my cupboard.

    I mix things up and some days take Advil, 2 every 8 of 6 per day some days.....some days 4 per day. Today I'm going to do 6 and see how things unfold until I go to bed.

    I also use MSM powder in water 2-3 times per day, which helps curb pain.

    Pain RX is a supplement which I like and take 2 at a time with 1/2 Tylenol.

    For years I've taken Milk Thistle for liver protection, hope it's liver panels
    are good when I have labs done.

    DGL is a stomach lining protector and I've been taking it for some years too for stomach protection.

    Back in the 80's I ended up in ER with a stomach ulcer from a pharma anti no more
    pharma anti inflammatories that's for sure....

    Pharma recently took 5/500 hydrocodone off the market due to liver issues in many taking tylenol in larger doses...

    It's all a crapshoot and do all you can to protect stomach and liver and kidneys...drink LOTS of water with the meds.

    I didn't take a narc drug until hip replacement almost 4 yrs ago and outside the Tylenol 3 which I don't take due to constipation, take 1/2 of what is left in my bottle as needed...

    I'm HOPING the Prolo I'm having soon gives me some good knee pain relief. I can handle the rest it seems....jam
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    If it were me, I'd not take it every day. First, I think the source of the pain needs to be explored. There are other treatments and options for pain relief. If a person takes it every day, I think blood work needs to be done to ensure liver function. Even then, it may damage the liver. Physical therapy, easy Yoga and stretching, and meditation can all alleviate pain. When used together, the effect can decrease the need for pills. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie