can yo take classes for real estate while applying for ssdi

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Aug 6, 2005.

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    i'm kinda new here and wonder if anyone knows if you get it counted against you if you take a class for real estate for 8 days for 3.5 hours then if i pass the state exam and attain my real estate license while i have filed for ssdi at the same time? i can do an online course at home. i don't know if i can handle the sitting and thinking part. i have a license in virginia but is not reciporcal in california. and i can not do my usual registered dental work for i have bulging discs, capral tunnel in both hands, ;shoulder surgeries in both, ankle and and feet problems and fibromyalgia or and depression/anxiety. and other blood disease called spherocytosis. so i know will not be able to and i already had a closed case in 7/04. and now have a pending case in the intial phase had the evals mental/physical. i had there psych tell me he didn't think i could do real estate cause you have to be pretty manic. then i had my primary tell me that maybe i could do it part time or maybe have to get a less stressful job. bottom line would i be denied benefits for ssdi for taking and passing the real estate exam while pending ssdi?
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    I've tried explaining it, and so have three of my drs, that school is different than a job! You can't miss work without notice or get up and leave your job in the middle of your shift when you work a "regular" job... I'm studying Criminology, and hope to have a slow pace research position in the future, that's something I can handle.

    I've been attending college for a year and a half full time, and I've had to struggle from the beginning... what I have to do is explain to my teachers that I am ill, and will miss a lot of classes, but will do my best to keep up, and I usually do! If my teachers aren't understanding and willing to work with me I drop the class and find a teacher who will understand...

    I don't know if that's what's driving my denials, but I do know quite a few people who attend the same college who are on SSI/SSDI, a couple of them are on long term disability. They are attending college to get a degree that allows them to do the type of work that they could handle full time. I don't see why it should be a problem if you are doing the same... Hopefully someone will have more concrete answers for you!

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    thank pinkiegirl,
    well i'll do what i can i guess, but i didn't want to jeopardize my situation,and i wondered i'm not making any money so why does that matter. i don't know and yes whopefully will get more of a concrete answer
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    I dont think I would recommend taking classes while applying. Wait until after you have won your case to go to school. I have been on SS for 10 yrs. now and just started back to school. When I had my review last year they asked if I was going to school and I told them yes. They didnt say a word about it. But like I said I think I'd wait, probably shouldnt give them any reasons to turn you down.
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    go to the rehabiltation center,ours is connected to the unemployment office. you get a councilar and that person gets all your medical records then they will help you get a job that fits you. the first thing my councilar told me was did you know you can work and get ssdi. another suggestion is also take the aptitude test they offer.this will tell them what you like to do and can do and if school is involved. then if you want to got to school they will help you. i couldn't handle school because of my short term memory and can't sit or focus. these people work with ss and send all your records and their input on wheather you can work. the person who gave me the test reconmennded i get ssdi they usually don't do that. i figure that helped me alot to get mine the first time around.these people will steer you in the right direction.
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    im a little unsure about why you would want to get you license again. you already know all the work involved in being a realtor. i loved the work but had to give it up due to all the running all the time mental fog etc. i really miss it but i cant keep up. if you can thats great. good luck
  7. Mikie

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    I would definitely not do it.

    Love, Mikie
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    thanks everyone i guess it's part of me not able to make decisions that are good for me. i just thought that maybe if somehow i could pull it all together maybe in a when my case is done i could be ready to do somehitng. i'm depressed about the whole thing, now i'm worried that i may have blown it by mentioning to my primary doctor that i was ging to take class on monday. now i will have to return my books back in until i get approved for ssdi. i know my attroney told me it would be alot easier this time around since i have already had ssdi once before. well i still don't believe that becasue of the struggles last time. so i just my have shot myself in the foot w/saying anything about the real estate thing at all to my primary dr. well i guess i will get a copy of my records and then i will know what the dr. did actually note in chart.. and i think i will see if i can get of haold of my old attorney's office see if they will answer that question from me. well thanks agian everyone