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    Today was my appointment with the doctor who treats me for my Migraine headaches. My GP wrote a note for me to give to him. It stated that she wanted to rule out some muscular disorder before she gives me a positive diagnosis of FMS.
    My chart states, possible Fibromyalgia.

    This doctor repeated loudly, " I do not believe in FMS." He said that my problem is depression. I was not depressed until I became ill. He said that I am fine and he does not know why I hurt and feel numb and tingly. He believes I have Migraine headaches, so he said. He also told me that he will treat me for my Migraines only. He told me I should see a Phychiatrist.

    When I asked him if he was going to contact my GP, he said that he would fax her something. I told him I would tell her what he said about FMS and he said he will tell her himself.

    He said to me on my way out, see you next month.

    He must be nuts. I will never, ever go to him again.

    Would you?

    Sooooooooooooo Mad HURTSALOT2

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    Hi Hurtsalot2,

    Sorry you had a bad experience with that pin head of a doctor. He wouldn't get another dime of my money. I don't understand why doctors think that being rude to someone with an invisible illness is a treatment. If antidepressant drugs and/or psy. treatment worked we would all be cured and back to work. Who knows some people might give it more of a try if they would quit being such behinds in giving their theory/treatment plan. Until then we need to be very careful to spend our money on GOOD doctors. I don't think anyone wants to pay for verbal abuse. Yelling depression at someone is not a treatment. If he doesn't believe in FMS that is his problem.


    This treatment seems to be getting worse. Have they decided to get together and ram this psy. stuff down our throats whether we need it or not? Whether it works or not! I found an article recently asking people with CFS to get psy. and physical treatment. We don't mind a suggestion but be nice! If we don't need it or it doesn't work when tried we should be able to -just say NO! Any other patient would be treated with respect and the subject dropped.
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    I have had the same experience. I have been treated by a Rheumatologist for 18 years for RA but when I saw him about all the other pain I was getting he told me that there was nothing he could give me and that it was probably related to a suppressed event in my past. He said it was probably fibro. or "pain all over the body" and that I should speak to a psychiatrist. I have a very caring psychiatrist who knows that there is something happening in my body that they really don't know how to treat. I have a lot of other symptoms that seem to be experienced by others with this illness. It is good to have someone to talk to who doesn't tell you that "it is all in your head". Good luck. Mellow
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    if u do go back to this doctor, mention that MS was first considered a psychosomatic illness that 'did not exist' you $100 that he believes MS is real! (i'm sure its MS i'm thinking about) some people will never learn, some people don't want to learn.

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    Yes, I have paid out of pocket b/c this so called wonderful dr. is not on my insurance plan. If you call with a problem as I did the week it takes I week to get an answer. My legs have been killing me. She gave me Generic Ultram. It has done nothing. I am a working single mother 34 yrs old not child support. Can you believe she told me the only other option for breakthrough pain was Tylenol - and then had the nerve to call tylenol into my pharmacist. My pharmacist called me at work and asked, "Do you really want this filled? I is cheaper to by the same meds over the counter." Yes, I will be finding another doctor.
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    is find another doc! What kind of doc is he? Can your migraines be treated by your GP? It may be in your best interest to try to find a doc who will treat ALL your symptoms/problems. If your GP will treat your FM satisfactorily, maybe he could also treat your migraines. I've seen SO many docs in the last 10-12 years, I can't even remember their names. My PCP is good for treating me for illnesses like sinus infections, and she is managing my Paxil, she put me on it. However, she does not believe in FM or CFS, and she would never prescribe anything helpful for me. I discovered that several years ago when I went to her complaining about the constant pain I was having in my joints and muscles. I'll never go back to the neuro guy who did both my back surgeries because his attitude is that if he cuts on you, he has fixed the machine, so therefore there are no more problems.
    After a lot of searching and hit and runs with docs, I've got an osteopath and rheumy that I love. The rheumy is deferring to my osteo for my treatment. The only other doc I'm seeing now is this endocrinologist, who I don't really like, but am following through regarding this pituitary/IGF-1 deficiency.
    I think you need to either be referred to someone else to rule out other things, or find someone who can treat the *whole you*.
    Good luck.

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    Hi Karen, sorry, guess I did not see your question here. This awful doctor is a Neuro specialist. Needless to say I will never see him again. This morning I will see my GP and will ask her to treat me for my migraine headaches. If she cannot I will find me a new Neuro. Take care.
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    Why is it that we can't get a refund for crappy medical advice? I wish we could then I could pay for my credit card in full! doctor's have lost alot of credibility in my book.