Can you believe this?????!!!!!!!!!

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  1. lease79

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    I haven't posted in a long time as I have been VERY run down & unwell during this pregnancy. Still having all the breathing probs & heart palp probs (though those have slowed down a little.)
    Anyways my OB Doc gave me a copy of my u/s scans taken at 18 weeks, along with that, he gave me my OB notes to take over to the hospital for book in (I am 26 weeks pg now) & I read through them on the way.
    Under Psycological Illness - he has put Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM SOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What should I do???? I didn't notice until I was out of the surgery, but I certainly don't think it is fair that I have that on my files!!!!!!! I am not psycologically ill!!!!!!

  2. nancyneptune

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    I told my GP the same thing. He didn't have it under psychological but he had excessive references to my psychiatric treatment! I told him in no uncertain terms not to be inferring that it was a head thing. He stopped. I can't cope with these bastiges anymore, they act like all women have the vapors, like it's 1890 again. To hell with them. N
  3. dlizard

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    no longer make me mad... instead they make me sad.. sad that we as a group of human beings get inapproprately labeled and not even treated... I'm curious as to when it will end and how it will all play out... when our gracious doctors arrive in heaven.,.... whatcha reckon they gonna say about this one?????????? Good luck!
  4. teach6

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    I really don't appreciate being treated like that either. I was denied my disability retiremnt based on the report of a psychiatrist who repeatedly questioned my motives, and why I was on HRT when, "she says she is not menopausal."

    If he had bothered to ask me about this I would have gladly explained to him why my gyn put me on HRT because he was thinking my inability to sleep through the night and night sweats were caused by menopause. When that didn't help he looked further and if my endocrinologist had not dropped the ball I might have been dx'd six months earlier than I was.

    At the end of the whole thing he summed it all up saying that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was believed by many medical professionals to be in the head and that I was just looking for someone to take care of me. My doc went through the roof when he saw it and I was mad as he** when I read it.

    My doc is taking care of it though by running a 24 hour urine test for cortisol which is usually low in PWC's and high in people who are depressed, which this nut says I am, and that I am more depressed than I was before. He only saw me once, so how he knows that is beyond me, too! I also had a tilt table test which was positive for NMH. Now that is not in my head!!!

    We, and all those as yet undiagnosed, deserve to be recognized as being physically ill, not just thrown in the "wastebasket dx" of depression, which has gone on for too long!

  5. Shirl

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    Good to see you back on the board.

    I am so sorry they are putting you through this. It is so sad to have something on your medical records that is not true.

    If these illnesses are in our heads, then a whole lot of doctors are taking our money for nothing!

    I sure hope you get to feeling better soon, that has got to be so hard to be ill with CFS and pregnant too.

    Take care of yourself, don't get upset about this, just make them take it off your records as soon as you are able.

    Let us know how you are doing, and that little baby too!

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. Cindy

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    I am with whomever said it makes me sad,I am no longer angry with the fact that I am one of many millions of physicotics running around in the world! LOL Sorry, I shouldnt be making fun here, but HELLLOOOOOO wake up people(drs especially)there cant be that many looney tunes if we all have the same problems/symptoms!!! This is where you need to get where you pamphlets out, and educate these bozos!

    With much love
  7. lease79

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    I am feeling a little better about it now, but I am deffinately going to say something the next time I see him.
    I am also going to mention what he's done to the doc I see about the CFS.
    Thankyou for welcoming me back Shirl, I am VERY sleepy & sore at the moment, so I'm not getting on-line alot.
    Will make an effort to 'drop by' more often though ;)