Can you buy lortab online?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brendahayes47, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. brendahayes47

    brendahayes47 New Member

    Hi everybody.I live in Alabama and the doctors have quit giving pain pills unless your dieing. I was taking 2 lortabs 7.5 a day so that I could work 8 hours and when they dropped it to 30 a month,I could only take 1 a day.I'm only working 4 hours a day now.I really needed 3 because when I go to bed my legs ache so bad and I have RLS also.The last time I called my doctor he called me more pain pills,I got to the drug store and it was Naproxen,I couldn't believe it.I hate to feel like a drug addict trying to buy lortab on line,but I can't trust my doctor to help me and I've got to work and I'm tired of hurting all of the time. I would just like to feel normal The only other thing I take is 20mg Lexapro. Can anybody help me please?
    Thanks Brenda
  2. Remnant

    Remnant New Member

    It seems like your Dr. has been brow beaten by the DEA, eh? How dare he try to help his patients, help them to be functioning, contributing members of society! It's best we all sit around in bed moaning, collecting a check and waiting for the yoga and herbal tea to work it's magic.

    I guess they need to speed up the disability process real quick.

    Sorry for the sarcasm. It's not legal to order medication online...according to the DEA web page.
  3. brendahayes47

    brendahayes47 New Member

    Your right the nurse told me he had heard from them and he had to fill out a paper on who gets pain pills. I have just appealed my disability,but I probably wont get it.
    Thanks again
  4. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    go ahead and put my name down but I need my prescription. And give the dirty birds my address too.
  5. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I had surgery twice in the last 2 years.One on my neck one on my back,7discs in my back at once.I had an appointment [when I had insurance] with a pain clinic about 40 miles from my home.I had talked to them 3 times before I made the trip to the pain clinic. When I arrived they said the doctor didn't see patient's that had surgery somewhere else as recent as mine. The reason I didn't go to the doctor that did my surgery was because i was 3and 1/2 hours from my home.My insurance was going to change due to hubby being in Iraq so my surgeon didn't take the military insurance.I just felt they should have called me before I made that long trip.The only thing I have to take is ibprophen 800 twice a day.I heard of a website where you could send in a doctors report and they would send a prescription.I can't recall the name of it but I will look for it.Di in north alabama.
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    What are the DEA requirements???? My son is 23 years of age & suffers from nearly daily incapitating headaches and has disc problems in his neck. He can barely get any narcotic pain medication given to him to relieve his pain. He does use heat & ice packs and long soaks in the tub. It's not as if he does not try to help himself. He tried a chiropractor & nearly ended up in the emergency room. I don't understand why he can't get meds or why anybody in pain can't get medication. Why do they make it????
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  7. Remnant

    Remnant New Member

    Something needs to be done. I am so sorry to hear about your son. My father could not live, or function w/o his pain medication. I truly believe he would kill himself if his Dr.s told him he had to live w/ the pain of his spinal scars from 2 botched surgeries.
    The DEA report I saw on a news report, an agent swore they weren't bothering Dr.s who were Rx ing legitimatley, but like yourself, how is it they are able to get away with determining who needs what and what are their guidelines? I don't see that on their web site. It's like a communist regime here. My father would be unable to live, he would put a bullet through his brain if his Dr.s were harassed into cutting back his medication. I would lose him, and I would nto blame him one bit.

    And the "legit" Dr.s are panicked because the DEA can have them put away for 25 yrs or more!! It's INSANE! My friend is a pain management Dr. and she is freakin terrified every day she goes to work, and she is as squeeky clean and legit as they come. But one single stupid move, say a patient decides to snort coke while on vicodin and dies, then the DEA attacks her, and her patients in REAL NEED suffer. Yes, if anyone knows HOW they determine who gets and who doesn't, please enlighten us.

    This appears to be a system operating under it's own marshall law. It's ABSURD and I am certain it all boils down to money and someone not getting enough if it somewhere.
  8. brendahayes47

    brendahayes47 New Member

    I emailed Gov. Riley about this,but I haven't heard anything.I live in Alexander City, Alabama,I don't think Huntsville is very for from here.I called a pain center in Birmingham and the receptionist told me that I would have to see the phsicologist first(I can't spell it) ha anyway it made me mad.If they think that this is all in my head,I still feel pain and should have something for it.I am so sorry that other people are haveing to go through this too.I want to get on my treadmill to lose weight and get in shape to see if that will help,but I'm hurting to bad to get started.I wished I had thought about it while I had pain pills.The pain pills help,but they still don't get rid of all the pain.Does everybody agree on that? Wouldn't it be nice to have a day where you didn't have any pain at all?
    Thanks for the replies Brenda
  9. chammack

    chammack New Member

    I was at a point once when my MD would only give me so much loritab in a certain time period. He told me he was'nt allowded to prescrib only so much but if I saw a pain Management Specialist that he would be able to help me with the meds I need for pain such as narcotics.The PMS are allowed to prescrib to patients with long term illnesses and illnesses with no cure.
  10. Lindy2

    Lindy2 New Member

    I am sorry you are going through this and know how you feel. I was on Lortabs 10/500 for several years up until later this year I quit taking them.

    If I ran out I was totally miserable and achey all over causing me to run to the doctor. I had to do this because no one in my area believed in Fibro. (everyone thought I was a drug seeker but I wasn't)

    I would have never thought it but someone told me to see a psychologist who would prescribe all my medications so I checked into it. Alot of people do not know this about psychologist but they can diagnose and treat fibromyalgia.

    I found one and he treated me for almost three years but as a precaution to him he referred me to a Rheumatologist for a confirmed diagnosis but that was the only other visit I had for that entire time I was his patient.

    I have since moved and am currently looking for another psychologist.

    He taught me that so many specialize in this field because having fibromyalgia does affect someone's mind with all the pain we endure.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

  11. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I think it's a shame how some doctors treat pain patients!! It makes me soooooo angry!

    I hurt my back on Labor Day of '97 and have literally been in pain every day since. I had two back surgeries that only made things worse.

    The surgeons, I think, are the worst for under-treating pain. It was about 2 weeks post-op after my second surgery and I called for a refill; his nurse told me that they wouldn't refill it. Know why? She told me "Because oxycontin is often sold as a street drug."

    I said, "Excuse me; are you accusing me of being a drug dealer? Did I understand you correctly?"

    She got all flustered and said she'd talk to the doctor and call me back. The Rx was refilled.

    I still take meds for pain, but I'm under *very* close scrutiny by my PCP. I have to go in to see him at least once a month. I don't mind that at all, gives me more time to talk to him about FM/CFS/MCP. Not only that, he gets to see *me* regularly and he sees how much I really do hurt.

    My doc, howerver, is one of the few humane ones left. When I hear stories about all the needless suffering I get really angry. Isn't it part of the Patients' Bill of Rights that no one should have to suffer pain w/o relief? (I forget the exact wording.)

    I have no remedies, but I truly sympathize w/anyone who has to put up with inhumane treatment.

    Love and blessings
  12. brendahayes47

    brendahayes47 New Member

    I wish I had found this message board along time ago.I didn't know anything about a psychologist. I'll call and make that appt.Your right I do hurt worse when I get upset,it's because I've had to go from 8 hours at work to 4 hours a day.We were already living paycheck to paycheck and my husband is so tired from working side jobs.We have always had excellent credit and I have put us in chapter 7.I guess I feel really guilty for putting all of this stress on us. It's just not fair I've been working in a textile mill since I was 16 and you think when you get 48 your going to be in good shape.I guess we don't figure on health problems.I can tell you this,since I've been taking 20 mg of lexapro a day I don't cry about everything anymore.ha
  13. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Until you can find a doctor that will treat you properly and give you the medication you need, check some of the threads that have been on the board lately. There have been some that asked people to list what helps with pain and other things that are not medications or vitamins that you may find useful until you get meds and even after. I use "special baths" and paraffin wax on hands & feet. It helps. Also my PCP added Lyrcia to my list of meds last week. You start slowly with the it 50 mg a day and he is going to get me to 300 mg. He could go higher but the drug can cause drowsiness. I am taking Oxycontin, Trazodone, Mirapex, &Klonopin at night to try to sleep. The night I started Lyrica, I slept deep. I even had energy(for 30 minutes) when I woke up. It is beginning to help with the pain in my feet and my arms and hands are not as numb. This is a non narcotic. It's fairly new and resembles Neurontin(that caused be problems)but without some of the side effects. I haven't done much research on the drug yet but all I know is I have slept and that is worth so much and it was given to me for pain so if I can get 2 benefits that will be great. Also don't feel bad because you didn't plan to be sick. I did and paid for Long Term Disability for 32 years but the company is Unum and they want to stop paying me because they do not recognize CFS/FM because we can't prove we are sick. Good luck on securing the medications that will help you live as good a life as possible.

  14. boysofmine

    boysofmine New Member

    As I was reading everyone posts about their doctor's being afraid to prescribe pain meds for fear of getting "busted" I realized how lucky my husband and I are. My husband had 4 fusions done in his neck 2 years ago. Thankfully his pain management doctor gives him the pain pills he needs to live a fairly "normal" life even thought he will never be able to work in the same capacity as before. And Brenda, when I read your post about feeling guilty for putting your family through all your financial difficulties I just want you to remember one never asked to have this condition. I don't want you feeling guilty for something you had no control over! Life is difficult no matter what, try not to make it worse for yourself by harboring guilt. I understand how stressful it is to not be financially stable. I am in the same boat since my husband's neck surgery. Please don't blame yourself.

  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Same situation,.....
    no pain meds except ultram.
    They don't help me much at all.

    My pain will be a 9 and after ultram a 8.
    (Whats that!!??)
    I think if my pain were ever a 5 or less I'd be dancing the jig!! I'd feeeeeel GOOD!
    7 drs. later and not one will give me narcotics.
    saying that once your put on narcotics for chronic pain,'ll never come off em.
    (??? I would'nt know if this is true)
    But when you have this kind of daily pain ,I don't think one worrys about addiction. They just want relief.!!

    your not alone~
    and I think its pretty sad.

    I said it before,... I think vets give animals better pain meds.
    maybe I'll start barking & panting. :)
    (I'm not so sure I'd trust pain meds ordered online)
    are they for real? or total fillers.
  16. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    this is why people go to the streets for drugs and become addicts of things like UM herion..its a viscous plan i tell ya, to keep the CYCLE going.....take it to the streets, become addict, loose everything, go to jail, get out, rehab, rehab rehab, all the while everyone wins but u.....
    i really dont know, but i wonder, cause often i feel like hitting the streets for drugs...beck
  17. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I have heard of so many people that my father was hospitalized with at Spaulding Rehab in Boston, hitting the streets for drugs that could otherwised be prescribed by a doctor. Some go a little beyond that and it is so sad. My father was lucky enough to find a doctor that will prescribe him Methadone in high doses. Not only can you get arrested....they become poor because these drugs on the street, just 1 pill, will cost more than a whole months supply if prescribed.

    But I have researched online pharmacies. Some require that you give your doctors phone number, so I assume they call your doctor. *UMM...he wont give them to me so whats he gonna think when he gets a call from them* Others you have to pay something like an "enrollment fee" where I believe that they claim their own medical doctors will give you a consultation either over the internet or phone and then prescribe you something. I personally dont trust them. I wouldnt want to fork over all this money for it to turn out to be a scam.

    I think we all need to move to Mexico. No script needed there, you just cant bring them back across the border.

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  18. yourtroubl

    yourtroubl New Member

    My nephew fell out of a tree at work and broke his back. They prescribed him Lortab. Of course, with a broken back and other injuries, he was on them long enough to be addicted.

    Then they cut him off without a weaning and tappering program.

    He then took to getting them however he could. Then one, two, three at a time was not killing the pain. So, he started snorting them.

    His behavior was a total personality change. It was horrible for the entire family. Drugies even came to the house and threatened him. So my mother had to pay his "drug bill"

    He is in rehab now and has had to do that now for almost two years. I dont know how they ever release you from these methodone clinics. Anyway, I refuse to be prescribed drugs that are addictive. Its not worth it. The pain is better than the consquences.
  19. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    I used to recieve this same type of treatment from my regular physician. I have since transferred to his Nurse Practitioner and she told me that they have a "Chronic Pain Contract" or something like that. I had no idea that there was even such a thing available. The patient signs it and that leaves documentation in your files that you are being treated for chronic pain.

    I didn't have to sign it. It gives them the right to conduct a drug screen on me at any time (they haven't), I agree to only use my medications for myself, not to sell or to give away and not to take any additional medications from others. I think it may just be something that they typed up to cover their butts if they're audited. They DO TREAT the patient though. I wouldn't have a problem with them checking any of that, though.

    I voluntarily signed it. Since then, I am given the medication that I need to help manage my pain. I don't know if they have anything like that where you are, but IT IS WORTH ASKING. It made a huge difference in my pain treatment and my doctors take me very seriously now.

    I wanted to be mad at my regular doctor for a while for not telling me about this and I probably wouldn't have found out if I hadn't been transferred to the NP. If you're not getting the kind of results that you think you should be getting from your doctor, then ask them about the pain contract. If that doesn't help, then start researching other doctors.

    I'm so tired of all of us out here suffering needlessly because the doctors are being so scrutinized for providing medications to patients that actually need them. I don't blame the doctors. They don't get a break either.

    And I could be totally wrong, but I don't feel like I'd be in as bad a shape as I am right now if it hadn't gone so under-treated for so long. I take part of that responsibility on myself. None of us knew.

    I'll be praying for some answers and some relief for you to come soon.
  20. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    I signed that before, if i continue in this pain, i may ask the new Dr here about it again, i hate them treating us like addicts just trying to get a fix, if i was that bad i would go to the streets. plus dang my hubby makes a decent income, i got insurance, we r legit...yet....i understand but it sucks for us in pain....beck

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