can you descibe me the exact feeling on your face?

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    im having fibro for 5 years now and the most unfomfortable feeling i have of all the full body pains is the feeling in my face.

    if you can ill appreciate if for a second you concentrate only on your face and tell me exactly what you feel and how bad is it?
    i have extreme sensitivity on my face, that you really feel when "tapping" on the face especially on the sinuses on eye sockets(no sinusitis), but all over.
    the feeling is of "fullness" on the face all the time, unability to deal with the outside, looking directly at people etc, in addition to my never ending chronic stuffed nosed-started before fibro.
    sometimes i actually have the feeling of foreign object in my eyes and i can "feel" it.
    of course the feeling in the eyes especially is very unfomfortable.
    i must say that when i do have "active dryness" here and there, the dryness feeling definatelly worse then what i have daily, and as you may know a doc didnt find a thing in the eyes exept for the usual dryness.

    but it is very harsh feeling that effect me very much, and although i know it may be a part of the full fibro feeling, but its not a common thing that i hear from fibro patients.

    so i will apreciate if you describe to me the feeling in the face.

    ?BTW-the feeling in the face is not like "painfull migraines" or the sharp feeling like you feel when youre puking/have headache and go away after a few hours.
    its not like people with chronic headaches may feel all the time, but its more very very annoying stuffed feeling then "pure painfull that you want to cry".
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    I would have to agree that this doesn't sound like fibro.

    Extreme sentitivity in the face sounds like a nerve problem, and while it's common to have neurological pain with FM it's not-so-common to have it in one particular area, all the time.

    I'm not sure I understood the dryness explanation but maybe go here and make sure you don't meet the criteria for Sjogren's, which would require treatment as it can damage the body (unlike fibro, which, however painful, does not do damage)