Can you freeze milk and then thaw it out

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. ckball

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    I live alone and am not a milk drinker but eat cereal and puddings. I drink the lactose free milk. It has a long shelf life, for instance, yesterday the expiration date was over a month away.

    I have been using this milk for years thiniking it had a longer shelf life. Then I saw the small writing inside the top fold that said it must be used within a week AFTER it is opened.

    They do not make these in quarts, well Walmart doesn't. I don't eat as much cereal anymore since I had all my teeth pulled. I have to put my dentures in to eat my Speical K.

    I haven't had food poisoing but I have always used the date sold by after opening.

    So I am thinking of freezing half of it until I need it. Any suggestions? Please don't suggest powdered milk I have tried it and can't stomach it. Thanks, Carla
  2. Smiffy

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    I regularly freeze full fat Guernsey milk & cream, because the farmer's market that sells it is only held once a fortnight. The milk has to be shaken up before freezing & after thawing. Sorry I don't know about lactose free milk, but you could ask the manufacturer.
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    Hi CK,

    Just to be on the safe side, I would call the manufacturer of the milk and ask them. It might be perfectly fine to freeze it, but it may not either...who knows? Let us know how it goes. Wishing you a happy, pain free day.

    Erika :)
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    I just shake it a bit. I live alone and sometimes do that. It is cheaper to by the 4l bags than 2l. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Powdered milk should be banned. You can also freeze butter and brick cheese. Somehow those 2 words don't belong in the same
  5. ckball

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    I think I will contact them I think there is a 800 number on the carton.

    I just hate wasting. I freeze my bread too, I might eat a crilled cheese or some toast but not everyday.

    It is hard for us singles when everything is super sized- Carla
  6. TKE

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    I have friends who live in Nebraska, on a cattle ranch 60 miles from the closest town. They freeze milk all the time. I think they put it in ice cube trays, so it thaws quicker once removed from the freezer.

  7. joyfully

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    I'd try a small amount to see if you are satisfied with the results when it is defrosted. It does separate some after it has been frozen, but you only have to shake it.

    It should be fine as far as safety, it may just separate some.

    I like the idea about the ice cube trays because it does take a long time to defrost.

    In addition, remember that liquids EXPAND when they freeze, so remember to leave some extra room at the top of the container if the container is bottle necked at the top.
  8. alaska3355

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    by the gallon. Then I take it out at night, set it on a dish, and leave it on the countertop all night. It still is not fully thawed in the morning, but you can use some and thaw it the rest of the way in the fridge. Works for me! And yes, I shake it up.
  9. Marta608

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    Hey, yes! After all, we freeze ice cream. ;>)

    As others may have said, you can freeze butter, cheese, of course, bread - many things that we may not use every day but want to keep on hand. (I also freeze chocolate chips and all kinds of nuts. Let them come to room temp before using.)

    Also, remember that the Sell-By date is just that. You can use most things longer than that date. In fact, I personally think many Sell-By dates are more about making money for the producers and stores than protecting us consumers unless it's something made with eggs.

    I remember as a child going up to our cottage and on the way we'd stop at a market for supplies, including steaks. The steaks were cut from a side of beef hanging by a hook in the back room, no refrigeration at all! They were the most tender steaks I ever remember eating but I never did care much for beef and that's probably why.

    By the way, soy milk keeps in the refrigerator much longer than dairy milk. Always shake it up before pouring.


  10. blueski31717

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    What kind do you use? silk says they do not recommend because of separation but no damage to nutritional value when freezing