Can you get disabiltiy retirement( pension ) and SSDI ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmq, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I appologize in advance if I have asked this before. I am soo foggy and I tried searching in old posts but did not find much. I am pretty sure I will get the retirement disablity...but does that prevent or effect applying for SSDI too. I also have a child who is 11years old..someone mentioned that I may get some SSDI for her too?
    This is all so confusing ....

    Thanks for what ever info you can provide. I am trying to gather my wits before I move ahead. Today was a BIG step in getting my rhuemy to say I am totally disabled. I am also in a major flare due to the stress of that reality just hitting me.

  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    30 years worth to be exact...I have my last statement from 2 years ago so I need to get a new one. My question is if I collect my pension early due to my disablity...can I also I think I can get both....I just have to wait a year to apply for the SSDI after I stop working?

    just wondering? i need to still provide for my little one. My hubby is a salesman so that is very up and down...never know whats coming in.
  3. pat460

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    You are correct, you can get both. And yes you will get a small check for your child. My 2 children receive $143 or $145(I can't remember which it is at the moment)each per month.

    Hope all goes well for you, Pat
  4. suzetal

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    You do not have to wait a year after you stop working.As long as you are out of work OR expected to be out of work for one full year.You can apply.Thats how it reads.

    So if you were told by your doctor tomorrow that you need to stop working and will be out of work for one full year you can apply tomorrow.

  5. obrnlc

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    hi jmq

    one of the ssa laws that i know of in the book concerns this subject and you can't make COMBINED more than 80% of your pre illness pay.

    also--your statement will show what the kiddos are entitled to, but if it says, for ex. $500/child, and your "cap" (family maximum) is only $400 over what your amount is, that max family amount is the most you will get.

    Not sure what part of SSA website i found this (the 80% issue), though, i guess you could search their site.
    I am counting on this little piece of knowledge (even tho written about state ret. plans) in case my LTD comes sniffing around if i am approved (i would rather see SSA keep the extra 20%!!!)

    Congratulations on finding a supportive rheumy--maybe you can get a little DNA to clone him for the rest of us!
    Have a great day--L

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